Enter discipleship

I should probably do a proper introduction instead of a shitpost. The name is Jack, I am an anarchist fairy interested in talking to more queer people that are as weird as me and I think this place is p suitable for that.
I am a massive nerd for both video and table top games and a big horror aficionado.
Stumbled onto this place thanks to @fun who I love a lot. I'll probably post a lot of memes and maybe screenshots from my journey into learning RPG maker and game development as a whole. Glad to be here

@j0yful have you ever seen ? The (other venue created people who made that show) has a patreon "family" and we all call ourselves Weirdos :)
We haven't gotten the Newkirks over here yet but if you're on the bird app check out @nuekerk and @weird_dana

@PariMoonForest I can't say I have. from the 2 minute google search I have done I have not seen a lot of things that inspire confidence in me but i also know that metacritic reviews aren't the end all be all of good media. So please, do give me a pitch for why I should see this because as such it doesn't really pique my interest.

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