Rune-enchanted cant

[a temporary introduction]
Still figuring out which instance to stay might leave or maybe not...
Say hey to this instance (or hello my fellow witches)🖤
Liberal (kind of..), ANARCHIST, pan/queer/bi hmmm don't really know.
Hella stan, if you like MCR/Placebo/Palaye Royale/The libertines let's be friend.
Or musicals
Wanna get a black cat and a snake one day.
habbits incl: playing guitar/drums, making cocktail, binging social media

I feel guilty that I'm ordering food again while there're groceries turning bad in my fridge :/

🌚 Oh well, spring's here but I have no friends to go out with

hmmm what happened to the federal timeline(or our crystal ball) of this instance (or coven) now it look exactly the same as local timeline

NOW I get it why Asian parents always ask their kids to be a doctor 😓

Holly Shit I know they earn a lot but now I got the figures slapped on my face its FUCKING LOT.
55,00 during residency????

I DON'T UNDERSTAND how can SSD be so much expensiver than HDD😑
fine, I'll stick with my slow HDD less fancy but cheap is the biggest merit.

Was thinking what would be a good alternative for walking 20 mins to the 😑 school, was trying to decide between skateboarding and rollerblading then realized we snow since October till April...

hmmm if someone live through five-star hotel rooms and doesn’t live in their properties if any, can they be called “homeless”...?

today's random behaviour: learning parkour safty roll and slid flip jump hmmmm I have to say its harrd

adult topic 

Why bother to buy a jar when you can use a old glass bottle.🤙🏼Why bother to buy organizers if you can use cardboard boxes. Logic!
...if you’re like me have to move every fucking year between cities even across country😑. Being a minimalist kinda a must-have for not feeling sorry for my wallet and the environment.

How To Sharpen Your Knife Skills With Jacques Pepin | Dear Test Kitchen
I feel like I'm sitting in the church hearing the preaching from the supreme godfather of cooking. Srsly, period.

What I found the "mistuning" part interesting is, seems like the Beatles were off tune quite a lot.

if you think you are a patient person, try calling American Airlines as a test.

Trying to figure out how French people stay slim when their food so delicious.
answer: no snack, no soda, no junk fuood gonna kill 90% of Americans huh

Currently finding new ways to satisfy my coffee addiction...
Should I get a Aeropress, Moka pot or French Press? 😑
Or should I just make some cold brew...? I only drink iced coffee anyways.
I'm kind of done with K-cup. Nor would I walk 22 min to and fro a coffee place, not to mention how broke I am : (

Why English is 'anglais' in French, I miss-spell it very fkin time.

currently obsessed with stereotypes on Asian 

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