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inclusive Wicca includes everyone: LGBTQ2SIA people, BIPOC people, disabled people, neurodiverse people.

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Hi everyone

I’ve made a Canadian resource page for contacting your representatives to ask them to support a ceasefire in Gaza.

Please pass this on to your friends.

In solidarity


Polytheism Today
Episode 1

It occurs to me that the podcast series linked above (& discussed in the post I am responding to) might be a good source for any mental health professionals interested in understanding your Neo-Pagan clients.

It's rare, but I once saw a client chart with something to the effect of "says she talks with a goddess" written in the same session in which a psychiatrist increased dosage of an anti-psychotic medication. I hope that was not the reason by itself...

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(Not a lot of people know that because it’s not true — but it’s a lot more fun than claiming that Mabon, the name of a Welsh deity who has nothing to do with Autumn Equinox, has always been the name of the festival, when the two were first associated in 1974 by Aidan Kelly.)

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Not a lot of people know that the custard cream biscuit was originally called the Maybon to link it with its sister biscuit, the Bourbon. The bourbon was named after the ancient Frankish spring equinox festival & the Maybon was named after the ancient Celtic autumn equinox. This was an early example of twinning to promote cultural harmony. Both of these festivals involved copious amounts of baked goods & a herbal infusion mixed with milk.

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Dual faith practice and folk witches

Many people practice folk Catholicism and syncretic folk witchcraft. That doesn’t mean they’re buying into the oppressive practices of the church.

Idylwild Morris practice sessions!

Sundays from 11 am to 12:30 pm

Activities Room,
W G Johnson Centre,
31 Kribbs Street, Cambridge, Ontario.

24 September
22 October
12 November
3 December
17 December

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oops I forgot to include alt text for the image. Two people in conversation on a podcast: on the left is Yvonne Aburrow, and on the right is Elyse Wells. The Magick Kitchen logo appears below against a backdrop of herbs and a pestle and mortar, symbolizing kitchen witchcraft.

Yvonne Aburrow in conversation with Elyse Wells on The Magick Kitchen podcast.

In which we discussed leaving religions, religious identities, community, religions as software, and finding the wellspring of your joy.

The Canadian province of New Brunswick is ending the obligation for teachers to respect the names & pronouns of children under 16 in the classroom — regardless of parental consent.

If you are in Canada, please write to your MP, MPP< and Justin Trudeau to protest.

If you live in Canada, please sign this petition to the government of Canada to act to counter the rising tide of anti-LGBTQ+ hate

Yes - this is what is happening in Florida due to SB 254, which was signed into law on Tuesday 5/17/2023, taking immediate effect. This immediately cut off 80%+ of adult trans people in Florida from having their HRT refilled, because SB 254 uniquely prohibits only nurse practitioners from prescribing only gender-affirming medications.

This has already been in effect for 7 days now.

Trans adults in Florida have already been cut off from their HRT refills for a week now, including those of us who have been stable on these medications for years or decades.

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