Do u ever take a shower so good u leave feeling reborn??? That's true baptism right there

L channeled

i'm also here for like antiracist/anticolonialist witchery, which means esp but not limited to white ppl dabbling in dreamcatchers, certain cryptids, 'religious' tattoos based on holy scriptures/words etc etc really need to like keep themselves in check, basically if it's a closed culture thing or like not available to your culture in general...y'know. plenty of info about this online.

we have like less than 1k ppl here so i trust in you more than tumblr cursed hellsite uwu paganism, just wanted to make my stance clear

When you want to do a Yule thing with your chosen family but they’re all stuck w their Christian family for the holidays 😢😫💔

Just for the record since we're meant to do : Call me L, I'm a nonbinary & queer witch from southern California and I use they/them pronouns. A brief list of witchy interests include (but are not limited to) , , , , , and thensome because I'm still learning. Nice to meet you all~

Oh my god, the notification sounds are adorable too. What. 😍

You know, I shuffled my butt over here in the Mass Tumblr Exodus 2k18 but now I'm just stoked as a joke to find an active lil community of witchy folk. I'm surprised, actually??? But mostly, utterly delighted. ❤️

L channeled

oh another thing i just realized i might need to post after the influx of new users:

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A witchy space for most any face! Whether a witch or a witch-respecter, join the coven that is free of fash, TERFs, feds, and bigots