rhiannon channeled

capitalism is when your phone autocorrects brand names to be uppercase

Apparently tomato gravy is a thing?? My life is changed??

The semester of procrastination is almost over. I’ll finish my final project...tomorrow. Maybe Friday.

rhiannon channeled

The internet is basically just shouting into a CB radio and hoping someone responds.

Ok I’m trying mastodon again. What are some best ways to use it?

rhiannon channeled

yo im gonna all the cool new witches i see on the local tl in the next couple of minutes, we got some cool newer peeps or ppl who are underappreciated follow 'em all! :witchywink2:

@spookyfanny (ok not SUPER new but they still rule)
@Red , powerful shitposter
ok @afroSwampMonster isnt new but shes eternal

bless ur tl with powerful magicks and follow all these ppl tia

I keep remembering that I get to see Hamilton tomorrow and I really don't even know what to do. I'm feeling ALL THE EMOTIONS!! 🤯

Completely obsessed with my new avi that @spookyfanny made me!!! Check her out at spookyfanny.carrd.co because she’s AMAZING!!

my bf got me a sleep mask with built in Bluetooth headphones for my meditations and last night was the first solid night’s sleep I’ve gotten in my almost three decades on this earth. He’s a keeper.

This is a much needed appreciation post for @spookyfanny -- I'm so glad she is in my life supporting my weirdness and witchcraft!! :pentagram: 🌜 👯‍♀️

My car is in the shop and they can’t figure out what’s wrong. I can’t afford any crazy bills right now. Doing a spell for hopefully inexpensive repairs! 🖤✨

Planning a witchy bullet journal to start this new year. Any ideas what to include in my daily spread?

so glad I joined! y'all seem amazing and I'm excited to get more involved! 🖤


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