About to get into an argument with Google Ads. All of a sudden they said we can't advertise our Computer Repair and Services business.

Other restricted businesses > Third-party consumer technical support

Not allowed Technical support by third-party providers for consumer technology products and online services


I'm calling bullshit.

on a few days in january of 1889 friedrich nietzsche and st. thérèse of liseiux stayed at the same hotel in paris

(as you can tell by the fact that it came from somewhere else, I DID NOT ORIGINATE THIS CONTENT)

gilmore girls 

God, I hate creeps. I just really hate weirdos. What the hell are they doing here? They don’t belong here.

A quote from Karl Marx. The quote reads: Fuck citrustwee claiming it\'s her birthday. I love love!

lol there's a conservative masatodon server now?

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