cooking a whole thanksgiving dinner tmrw for me n my gf, with plenty to share with friends n family! this will be the first thanksgiving where i cook everythingπŸ¦ƒ
starting the baked goods tonight, wife mode activated πŸ₯

support artists and crafters, weather it be buying their products or giving them traction by spreading their posts, we work so damn hard

millennial age group ends at 1996 because i say so, i refuse to be a zoomer i've been alive too long to be zoomin

millennials? too much avocado toast. zoomers? too much gaming. boomers? too much getting the US into unnecessary wars and creating tax policy that creates unsustainable wealth inequality and destroying the world by refusing to address climate change. gen-x: Pearl Jam? seriously?

i must be doing something wrong cause my shop sales are dead, even with discounts and constant promoting, v discouraged rn bois i'm trying my best

straight women are brave to love men when most of them want to strip away our rights and or murder us, stay safe ladies

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