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If you want to start trying to build better habits, or challenge yourself - join me!

If you like reading and want to try a buddy read - join me!

I've created a low-key Discord server for reading and self improvement challenges! Go at your own pace, with a supportive and inclusive community.


So I find myself wanting to learn more about the field Chaos magic.

I am especially interested in some reliable websites, blogposts, online articles, and online videos on the topic.

Book suggestions are certainly welcome, but over the last few years by brain does not brain very well with books. 😭 I am hoping to work on this later this year, but for now it is what it is.

Pax / Geoffrey

I want to start a 30-Day Challenge.. just something I make up myself, nothing crazy official.

There are SO MANY FREE YouTube videos out there for Zumba, Yoga, Calisthenics, etc.

It's been a hard winter and quite cold lately. Even 10 mins a day would be a great addition to walking to and from work.

Anyone want to join me?

Ita SO CLOSE to the goal! Let's gooooo! I want this deck 😍

Okay, so how do I go about finding communities on here? I’m accidentally in some but whenever I use a hashtag it doesn’t appear anyone else is using it?

What’s the best # practices on #Mastodon?

Trying to find the #MumLife #MomLife #motherhood #parenting section over here, follow a few Mums on Twitter, but struggling here.

The #MentalHealth groups? I post quite openly about my mental health story and battle so would love to read about others and see how they’re doing too?

The #gamers? Where are you all at? At the minute I’m playing a lot of #LifeSims to calm my brain down. #Dinkum #CozyGrove #AnimalCrossing #StardewValley #DisneyDreamlightValley

And finally, the #photography groups? I do a lot of #BlackAndWhite imagery. With a more of a #candid #lifestyle aim.

It's been a pretty good trip but I'm ready for be home in my own space.

It's gorgeous here in the Dominican Republic, but I think they cater more to Europeans (foodwise, etc) Back to Mexico next time.

I won the airplane seat lotto hahaha a whole exit row to myself!!

I made it to level 4!! Good lord the Barrow is spooky, or I'm just a baby 🀣

Confession: I have never played I have may 3 hours total over all the years. I'd like to change that so I bought the Anniversary Edition on

I don't even know where to start I'm a total noob with the single player heh take my gamer card I guess 🀣

Please share any tips for an Elder Scrolls neophyte, without spoilers if possible β™₯️

I finally got my copy of !!! If you want to join me in reading it, please send me a message

I have no experience with The Expanse universe, so I am going in totally blind. All I know is that it's Sci Fi.

Help me choose games! I have quite a few games on my wishlist and they are having a sale! Help me pick! 😍

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