Starting to feel like myself again. Thank the gods for a good therapist and mental health meds. β™₯️ omg that face! I am deceased. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

Wow this hits hards. True compassion, I stead of doing it because god said you had to

Or, if you want to fix the World, you can't wait for someone else to take care of it for you

Self work is fracking hard. IMO, this is our Everest - as a species. Doing the hard emotional work.

I'm learning now that this isn't something you can just fix, it's a process. It's unlearning certain behaviors and beliefs and relearning new ones. It's being vulnerable. It's being brave.

I highly recommend everyone watch Call to Courage on Netflix. Brene Brown is a shining light and her work has helped me more than I can say. <3

Stay courageous, you're worth it.

This is exactly me too!!! I want to D be in and love them so much but it's so overwhelming

Goals, ya'll. Sounds like a low bar, but you have to be able to be present and /there/ in the moment at all times. It's work and conscious effort and dedication and it's fuckin worth it πŸ₯°



Congrats on 7 years! ❀️ Celebrate with lots of joy and love! So happy for you both

Thanks ANCA. I so agree.

I actually talked to my boss about stress leave and started yesterday.

Once I'm in a better play mentally, emotionally and honestly, physically, I want to work on being more clear and firm with my work boundaries.

Really struggling with coworkers who don't respect my boundaries. And it's really not helping my mental health state.


He's so freaking sweet. I imagine it would be like toddlers, it gets better! If I could puppysit I would!


Forgive yourself for the relationships you pursued while you were still discovering your worth

Forgive yourself for the things that went unsaid while you were still finding your voice

Forgive yourself for the situations you could've handled better before you learned how

You did what you could then and you'll do what you can now

#NotAFailure #Forgivness


Makes me so sad. I loved Rift! But there's been no development or updates in years :( I wish they'd revive it

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