Starting to feel like myself again. Thank the gods for a good therapist and mental health meds. β™₯️

It's been a pretty good trip but I'm ready for be home in my own space.

It's gorgeous here in the Dominican Republic, but I think they cater more to Europeans (foodwise, etc) Back to Mexico next time.

I finally got my copy of !!! If you want to join me in reading it, please send me a message

I have no experience with The Expanse universe, so I am going in totally blind. All I know is that it's Sci Fi.

Help me choose games! I have quite a few games on my wishlist and they are having a sale! Help me pick! 😍

I'm this far into The Blade Itself and so far.... I don't really get it? And I feel like a fantasy-lover fraud. Is this a slow start?

So many people love these books and I want to love it. So for those of you who have read this series, help?

This audiobook for The Final Empire is great.πŸ₯° Love Libby too. ❀️❀️❀️

I picked up a few goodies for gaming and relaxing this weekend. 🀘πŸ₯°

I'm actually quite shocked at how much I'm genuinely enjoying I figured I would like it, but I'm actually just playing the game, not rushing and having a blast.

The new zones are so pretty, great new talent system, crafting is MUCH more robust and dragonriding is so cool!

Meet Gothsong, my prot Paladin

I need this! It can fit my Surface Pro and a book or two! 😍😍

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