I want to start a 30-Day Challenge.. just something I make up myself, nothing crazy official.

There are SO MANY FREE YouTube videos out there for Zumba, Yoga, Calisthenics, etc.

It's been a hard winter and quite cold lately. Even 10 mins a day would be a great addition to walking to and from work.

Anyone want to join me?

@gothsong I'd be up for joining! I'd like to enjoy some nature walks come spring and this would help build some of my stamina back I think!

@Athelia @christroll Love me some nature walks! As soon as it's a little nicer (and less icy) I will def. be hoping on the nature walks.

Hmm I wonder what a good way to track this/ use as a group app...

@gothsong @christroll Nothing comes immediately to mind. Normally this kind of research is my jam, but I'm in a countdown to a work event on Thursday, so all my thinking energy is going to that right now. I can poke around on Friday though, if still needed.

Enter discipleship


Ya know, what about Discord? Would be easy enough to start a server and it's pretty widely used, available on different devices.

@gothsong @christroll That would work for me. I do have it on my phone and computer, even if I'm bad at looking at it.

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