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Confession: I have never played I have may 3 hours total over all the years. I'd like to change that so I bought the Anniversary Edition on

I don't even know where to start I'm a total noob with the single player heh take my gamer card I guess 🀣

Please share any tips for an Elder Scrolls neophyte, without spoilers if possible β™₯️

@gothsong visit Whiterun or Riverwood and check the tavern for information, they usually have quests you can pick up. Alternatively, you can choose a guild to join which has it's own storyline you can follow. As many times I've played through the game I always end up picking thieves guild, I like the story best personally, but there's the Companions in Whiterun or the College in Winterhold you can check out. Have fun! Now I'm feeling like playing it again haha

Thank you so much! I think I get overwhelmed by open games like this. I need direction haha

No idea what kind of build I want to do either. So many options!!!

@gothsong also a good tip to have is to find a follower, an npc to travel with you so you can force them to carry all your loot, and they provide backup (sometimes lol)

Ooh yes a pack mule LOL will keep that in mind! I'll try and share lots when I remember heh

@gothsong @hime the consensus I've heard is that for the easiest play-thru a sneaky archer works best. The damage bonuses for sneak attacks are really high.

@mshaw pickpocket with max stealth helps for when you need to force random NPCs to carry junk (cave lettuce, cheesewheels etc.) that you need to unload because you're over-encumbered and can't fast travel. of course you can also just drop stuff, but it's funnier this way.

@hime heh, I never thought of this, I just leave big piles of crap everywhere πŸ€ͺ


How hard is it to hit with a bow? Lmao I'm very bad a shooters. What about sneaky Magicka? Is that a thing?

@gothsong @hime oh I'm TERRIBLE at FPS games and I did fine with a bow. Helps when the things you're shooting at are dragons and other such huge monsters

@gothsong @mshaw i don't think sneaky magic is as effective, with bow you can shoot from far away and the higher the skill the easier it is to shoot. i think with spells you have to be closer. it's been a while since i've used magic except for self healing so i'm not entirely sure. sneaky daggers is a thing though, surprise back attack!

@gothsong also please do share screenshots and thoughts you have on the game! it's so refreshing to find new players and see the game through their eyes! it can be very overwhelming with how open it is with where to start, there's no direction at all! as you continue to play through it though so many random events will happen and you'lll end up with more quests than you counted on.

@gothsong my advice: play slowly: enjoy the game, be curious, explore, enjoy the atmosphere and landscapes. Follow your heart in developing your character: it will be more fun in the long term.

Great advice! I hope it will be a great way to pass the time during airport layovers this week!

@gothsong only advice I will give: learn to use magic, and watch how much you carry. Don't worry so much about gold, you will soon have more than you know what to do with. Run away from giants!!!

@gothsong my best advices would be:

a) plan ahead, most of the decisions you make are permanent, so it's always a good idea to figure out beforehand what playstyle you want to play, what talent trees you want to prioritize, etc. there are some really good Skyrim Planners you can find out there.

b) don't rush the main quest. there are SO MANY sidequests, take your time to do those as well as explore at your own pace :)

@gothsong as someone who has over 1k hours into that game, I'm jealous of you! Every time I play it's a little different. My tip is to follow the first couple little quests and then explore and let the story unfold to your whim. ☺️ Have fun!!

@gothsong Ha! I guess my gamer card is revoked too. I have owned both Oblivion (Steam) and Skyrim (Switch) for *years*, but I can count the hours I’ve played both combined on one hand.

@gothsong don't be upset with your choices for a first play through. It is a highly repayable game.

Lmao good to know! Im getting flashbacks of Zelda on game boy hahah

@gothsong It really helped me to consciously stay on the main questline. The game is vast and one gets easily distracted and lose track of purpose and context.

Ignoring side quests and DLC content and actually finishing the main story (which apparently not a lot of people have) made actions and places feel relevant.

Also, while I kinda enjoyed Skyrim and respect it for its impact in game history, I DID struggle with it and found it's mechanics clunky and exhausting.

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