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Hey folks! Just migrated and figured I should do an

Hi! I'm Gothsong once known as Martini.

I'm a 30-something Canadian cat mom, who lives for coffee.

I love ! Playing mostly like and You can also find me playing games like

I love to - mostly but also too. I used to run a little account - WItchKittenReads


I would love to connect with more and people. <3 As well as and folks who love and <3

More in my profile!

Thank you for accepting to to the server, I can't wait to connect with more of you <3


@mori_mouse Hell yeah! Thank you and cheers! What are you playing lately?

@gothsong I am presently in between MMORPGs. Most recently I was playing Embers Adrift, but it's style did not hook me for long. Right now I'm torn between starting WoW or FFXIV.

What about yourself!?

@mori_mouse So many MMOs! Looking forward to right now kinda checking out again and some adventuring (always new content in that game!)

@gothsong Welcome! Do you think like, a 6-7 year old could figure out Dreamlight Valley?

Oh I definitely think they could do it! I ma aged to figure out a Windows 3.1 PC way back in the day hahah. I hope they love it !!

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