Rune-enchanted cant

Hey folks! Just migrated and figured I should do an

Hi! I'm Gothsong once known as Martini.

I'm a 30-something Canadian cat mom, who lives for coffee.

I love ! Playing mostly like and You can also find me playing games like

I love to - mostly but also too. I used to run a little account - WItchKittenReads


Starting to feel like myself again. Thank the gods for a good therapist and mental health meds. β™₯️

Or, if you want to fix the World, you can't wait for someone else to take care of it for you

Self work is fracking hard. IMO, this is our Everest - as a species. Doing the hard emotional work.

I'm learning now that this isn't something you can just fix, it's a process. It's unlearning certain behaviors and beliefs and relearning new ones. It's being vulnerable. It's being brave.

I highly recommend everyone watch Call to Courage on Netflix. Brene Brown is a shining light and her work has helped me more than I can say. <3

Stay courageous, you're worth it.

Goals, ya'll. Sounds like a low bar, but you have to be able to be present and /there/ in the moment at all times. It's work and conscious effort and dedication and it's fuckin worth it πŸ₯°

Really struggling with coworkers who don't respect my boundaries. And it's really not helping my mental health state.

Forgive yourself for the relationships you pursued while you were still discovering your worth

Forgive yourself for the things that went unsaid while you were still finding your voice

Forgive yourself for the situations you could've handled better before you learned how

You did what you could then and you'll do what you can now

#NotAFailure #Forgivness

Time to run a bath with some CBD bath salts and find a new book to start. I need some peace tonight.

Classic Stress Response... like inability to regulate body temp (freezing),chest pain, shortness of breath, and feeling my MS symptoms flare up.

Days like this make me think I need to take some stress leave from work. πŸ˜ͺ

So many changes in wow! I just rolled in the fresh server, Lilith and it's poppin'! Lots of people and activity if you want to give us another go!

Feel free to add me - Gothsongs

If you still buying things from Wal-Mart, Nike, supporting Disney, or playing World of Warcraft, you can't be also critiszing folks for wanting to play the Wizard Game.

JK can be a piece of shit and the game can also be wholesome and not itself problematic. Both can be true.

Let people enjoy things that are special to them, while still being allies. ❀️

A queer gaming collective (KRITIQAL) is doing an bundle for the cost of a shitty wizard game by bigots, you can get 69 good magic games by LGBTQ+ creators. their summary of the bundle:

  • 69 magical works from LGBTQ+ creators
  • $60, or the price of one AAA wizard game
  • proceeds split evenly between participants
  • no TERFs allowed

I love the #paranormal and #cryptids and run a discord called #SpoopyTown dedicated to the unknown and unknowable including #ghosthunting

I love #creepypasta #scp and #unfiction and consume it regularly.

I love #horror films but more specifically the sort that focuses on world-building or interesting monsters. I'm obsessed with Near Dark, Nightbreed, and Train to Busan.

I also love #sciencefiction and #comics and have been on a reading kick of late rediscovering my #library system.

This is pretty freaking great... I might have to actually go to it.

Nothing in life was anywhere near as cool as the book fair when it came to town.

To everyone from @massivelyop - Welcome to the Fediverse!

This is nothing like the birdsite, it's friendly, supportive, and full of meaningful engagement. Hope you enjoy!

Little program update, Mastodon friends: The site I write for, Massively Overpowered, is now a part of Mastodon! Feel free to follow @massivelyop for some of the best news and features about #mmos, #mmorpgs, and #multiplayeronlinegames! :HappyTurtle:

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