i'm at @genderCommulist for now, gonna look for a more permanent instance to replace this one, preferably somewhere that didn't act rashly in this whole situation

if anyone could send an invite link i’d really appreciate it, otherwise i might just go instance shopping in the meantime. i don’t wanna deal with all this shit

very inconvenient of this all to go down before radical.town reopens

yo if there's a megathread or something i'll read it cuz i've gotten a few bad vibes but i still don't properly understand the situation or the accusations

i could definitely be wrong here but i need something more concrete before i make that call

ok repeating your accusation 8 times does not make a compelling argument

i hate drama but i also can't keep myself from making a rant about whatever the current drama is lol

w.l drama 

still not great seeing "we will be defederating with your instance because of 'concerns'"

there's still drama on here but at least it's like, every few weeks instead of every few days

having my own nameposting channel still feels kinda surreal

Maximilia channeled

ugh, i’m just gonna go to sleep. g’night everyone

love starting a conversation and then immediately freezing

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