I've come up with a new clap-back: "the heat death of the universe will have come and gone before you've figured out which way is up". :P

Did anyone else have a '!' moment while reading Ranma 1/2, or was it just me?

Family is not blood, family is the people you draw close, it is the bonds you make that are stronger than birth. Family is the people you care for, love, and cherish.
The ones you would bleed for, cry with, hold and listen to.
They are more to you than who you married, or who gave birth to you.
Family is community, not because you *have* to be there for them, but because you *want* to be there, by their side, through the bad, the good, the changes.
There is no greater bond than family, but not the one born of the womb- the family wrought through blood and sweat and tears will last long after we are all dust.

@root , is there a reason images won't load for me? Is something b0rked, or do I just need to clear a cache somewhere? Been a few days now :/

The only thing I hate more than being wrong about all the right things, is being right about all the wrong things. Sometimes you get a gut feeling about something, something you don't want to be right, and then, wham, you were right, and it sucks :/

A dystopia is not a roadmap for success, they are cautionary tales to keep us from doing, and being, evil.

So, as someone who has issues with social anxiety, people might wonder why I'm as much of an outgoing, friendly kind of person. Thing is, my brain rationalizes it as: if I strike up a conversation, they aren't an unknown, and aren't to be feared.

When the pain has passed there is anger,
When the anger has passed there is sorrow,
When the sorrow has passed there is forgiveness,
When the forgiveness has passed there is closure.

So where do rats store all that pee? is it an extra-dimensional pocket or something, because they pee so much, but they are soooo small :P

got some ideas for new words- use as you like, or let me know what you find problematic about them:
neuro-restricted (normal people)
neuro-accelerated (adhd, add, etc)
neuro-enhanced (broader spectrum of people whose thought patterns can't be easily put in boxes by the neuro-restricted)

"Spitting in the eye of God(s) and asking if that's the best they've got"

Grief- (done?) 

Grief- (continued) 


Just because someone is good at something, doesn't mean they enjoy it, or want to do it for a living. People can have a natural aptitude at things, and find *no* joy in it whatsoever- I just wish people could accept that very small idea :/

My first stage review of 'The Wheel of Time' season one: It's like a badly written fanfic where the writer didn't even read the source, they were just given an tl;dr from someone who is going off a memory of reading it some 20+ years ago...

Happy Solstice everyone :) May the year ahead bring you much warmth and light. :)

Love recklessly, because love isn't some limited resource, the more you have, the more you give, the more there is.
Love unconditionally, unapologetically, love with everything you have. Don't be stingy with your love, the world needs more love.

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