Ah, yes, welcome to Canadian 'abuse Indigenous and celebrate imperialistic Colonialism' day, try not to choke on any turkey while you're about it :P

In political news: at least the Nazi party of Canada didn't gain any headway, and in fact M. Bernier lost in his own riding, not much more I can ask for right now- except maybe a Gov't that listens to it's people, but not holding my breath on that one :/

Ah yes, 9-11, or as I like to call it 'When Imperialism comes to bite you in the ass, also, don't train and fund the people who will kill you in the future, this means you CIA'

gaelfling channeled

For those who have transitioned/are in the process, I have an odd question: do you find Rocky Horror Picture Show (the movie et al) to be offensive? and Why/not?

On this day of fools, I say we bring joy and frivolity to our lives, but not at the expense of others. Find something that makes you happy, and do that today, bring joy into your life to offset the crap we've been going through the past year and some. :)

For quite a while when I was younger, the best description you could give to my sexuality/gender was 'ambiguous'- not because I was androgynous, but because from one minute to the next you really couldn't tell what gender I was, or who I was interested in. The term 'fey' describes me all too well...

Otherkin are technically Trans. Otherkin have full body dysphoria, only they can't just get HRT to try and change to a body that more closely resembles the body they feel comfortable in. Otherkin are also very Queer- many of them do not recognize gender, are in poly relationships, or are LGBTQA+ in some way. Otherkin can't talk about who they are to anyone, for fear of ridicule. They have to hunt for safe spaces for like individuals.

I see the acronym HRT and my brain immediately thinks 'human replacement therapy', replacing the old human with a new human. Replacing the old human shell, with a human shell that better resembles the person inside. :)


This is the dark spiral, this is what depression is like- what it's like to stare at your own life and see no meaning, no point, no impact.
And that's the spark that leads to dropping off a building, stepping in front of a large vehicle while it's moving too fast to stop. Stepping down onto the tracks in front of an oncoming subway.

It's not the thought that the world would be better off without you, it's the thought that the world doesn't even know you are there.
If no one notices you while your living, they won't notice you when you're gone. You aren't even a blip on the radar.
No one will speak of you, no one will fondly remember you, because no one will even notice, because if they were noticing, if they honestly would miss you, why aren't they missing you now?

It's just odd moments, cobbled together, into something that might make you smile, or shed a tear, or bring you wonder and joy. But they are the things of life that make it worth living. The failures, the scrapes, the soaring and the quiet times.
Stories. Go out and live your story, live your best story. After all, none of us get out of this alive ;P

Sometimes in going places, you may not end up where you thought you were going, but you end up where you need to be. Often it is the journey there that is the best part, made up of strange and fun stories of how you got to where you are.
And life is full of these stories, strange adventures, wonderful friendships that just happened, without intent.
Life is full of stories, all the best stories. And each of these stories is wonderful, and tragic, and hopeful, and sad, but unlike the stories you read in books, these sometimes don't make sense, in fact, the best ones don't make any sense. (1/-)

What really has me confused about JK and her Terfdom, is how can she be such a tw*t, when she had created a world in which gender change is entirely plausible, and has happened as canon.
There is polyjuice potion, which would let you change gender for 24 hours- (or however long it goes for), so I'm sure, at some point, someone went "hey, what about researching a spell that lets me be a different gender forever."
After all, if you can polymorph one thing into another, you could polymorph yourself into the desired body. Permanence would be the only issue, and I'm sure if you wanted it badly enough, you'd overcome that issue quickly/eventually.

Hey @anna, and @fun - when can we see the feeds being fixed?

Trust me, dreaming the future is not as exciting as some might have you imagine. I've dreamt T.V. shows before they air, movies before they come out, songs before I've heard them. Geh.

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