People of colour deserve to live lives that are free of oppression, free of the threat of harm, free of fear. If you don't believe this simple fact, ask yourself- why?

Alright, new planet names are:
Lugh (Mercury)
Aine (Venus)
Eriu (Earth)
Macha (Mars)
Nuada (Jupiter)
Flidais (Saturn)
Danu (Uranus)
Manannan (Neptune)
Badb (Pluto)
thank you for coming to my TED talk :P

I have decided to rename the planets of this system. for one, I'm not a roman, so why am I using their naming scheme in the first place? And two, there are much better Gods to name the planets after :P

Loki is so gender neutral/fluid, that the pronouns for Loki, are Loki, and Loki ;)

I don't know which one of you needs to hear this but:
You are worth it
You deserve good things
You are amazing

The 'moral high ground' is pointless when you are dead...

Been getting back into the habit of doodling... should post a few scans when I get the chance.

Why are they called humming birds?
Because they don't know the lyrics!

Talking to ancestors, part- I have no idea... 

Talking to ancestors, part- I have no idea... 

Talking to ancestors, part- I have no idea... 

that's enough for tonight... 

more rambles... 

Of pain and feeling... 

likely contraversial, but whatev.. 

gaelfling channeled

Drew this during the official opening of Storyworld ~ thanks everyone who came out, I had such an awesome time!

I’ve done some official concepts for Aloy in the past, but this is just fan-art drawn purely out of appreciation. This character is © Sony and Guerrilla Games

gaelfling channeled

From the mind of Lois van Baarle - a.k.a.@loishh - comes 'Kookaburra', a transcendant portrait of unity between the human and animal worlds.

You can buy this 8x10 print, produced in rich colour on luxurious 310gsm 100% cotton fine art paper as part of the #procreate fire appeal.

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