I don't care that there's little fandom overlap between a 2012 idol anime a 1994 JRPG, I just wanted to do the pun!

I was having a conversation with an artist while they were finishing up the art for one of my characters in a Dresden Files rpg campaign. It was great....

"To watch her suffer and sow distrust and conflict into the party"


"Yep, it's great! She'll either lose her family or have to shoot her friends!"

Anyway, yeah, especially since that campaign has gone on for over a year I'm so glad I've got art of both of my characters.

Artist is twitter.com/xLidonx
They are rad as hell.

Definitely dipping into collecting rpg dice for the colors and the hell of it. Even if I don't get many in person games/campaigns they're great as fidgets. And still nice to have phsiical things for my main hobby.

I got skirts too! Well two of the same skirt because I realized the first one I ordered might be too big so I ordered a size smaller. They both fit so... eh at least I have an extra one.

They're longer than I thought but that's FINE also THEY GOT POCKETS. But I know that ain't gonna be the usual so I got a cute bag in the mail too.

NSFW: Ya girl got some panties. 

New Angels of Promise
We despair
We are the dead dreams
We take the blame
Take us to the edge of time
Take us to the edge of time
We are the fabulous lovers
I am a blind man and she's my eyes

You didn't feel us coming
In this lonely crowd
It's always time

"Why yes, I post on Witches.live. How could you tell?"

I don't wanna be one those obnoxious larpers who are full clad in Soviet ephemera but apparently there's lots of old Soviet stock of those Little Octoberists pins, so they're pretty cheap...
Hi, baby Lenin

My figures arrived! The Shin Megami Tensei Pixie Figma and the Gundam Universe Rx-78-2.

@kamille YO! It's cool to see another Gundam fan. I'm really into the Universal Century shows myself too.

:cutewave: Anyway, welcome to Witches.live! :gundam:

Is this how sleep works? That explains my insomnia. I never run out of gay.

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