Enter discipleship

Good news, everyone! We're killing God! I'm so proud of y'all right now. 💚 We just gotta be a good JRPG party and finish the job. 💚 We'll beat that boss fight in no time.

@fun lmao these people don't even know god died in the 1880s

@fun They should be pleased that someone is participating in their death/renewal ritual. Sheesh, they seem so ungrateful.

@fun stole this before i could but thats ok you did it better :dvalul:


Wait, what?! God's still alive?! I thought the millenials already killed god. They killed everything else, it seems. 😏


see, and people say trans folk provide no useful services in society

@fun one of the qualifications of getting your gender marker that they don't tell you in official documentation about is killing a god.

@fun we will vanquish him very quickly through an astonishing display of a lost art: all fighting him together as a team, instead of all trying to be the hero and defeat him alone

If the Crusades didn't kill that guy nothing will.

@fun imagine if there was a jrpg where you could check your phone and see op-eds about how you're killing the boss in real time

@fun that’s so weird coz god definitely and specifically made me trans 🤷‍♀️


Why would I care what señor venetian cardigan has to say

@nee This is the Wonder Swan remake of Saga 1, right?

@fun Sadly, I don't know where this is actually from. I just had the image saved some time ago.

@fun @TetraGnosis tbf it’s prolly more like euthanasia. Like:.. guys been around for a hot minute. Let him rest, right?

@fun My God, God was easy to kill. Nietzsche is glowing with pride for this. LOL.

@fun @phessler that thing's so wrong on so many levels... Even from a purely theological point of view.

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