Enter discipleship

From the brilliant minds that brought us all SWORD LESBIANS, comes SCIENCE LESBIANS

Since Lesbians: now ones that actualy came out in the same year

@fun god i don't know who i am somedays but Science Lesbian is probably never too far away. peridot and alphys are way too much like me for me to not go "oh no im seen but im love it??" :scream:

@fun Wildly Logical Non-sensical Genderpuff That Is Gay As Hell? that's Robin brand to a P :ms_opossum:

@fun i only know the ones on the right but i love them

@fun I don't think any of these came out in the same year???

@The_T 1000% sure you're right but it's not mine, soo....

@fun I don't know any of these 3 and sorry wasn't trying to be nitpicky ❤️

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