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Rune-enchanted cant
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OH SHIT I can use the icon my GF commissioned for me

I don't wanna be one those obnoxious larpers who are full clad in Soviet ephemera but apparently there's lots of old Soviet stock of those Little Octoberists pins, so they're pretty cheap...
Hi, baby Lenin

God, it's so incredibley easy to tell when somebody makes their own homebrew tabletop rpg but the only rpg they've ever played is D&D. It is a very special kind of terrible.

I've been proposed to two twice in one year, each time by a different cute girl.
And the only thing worse than the actual choice between them is wondering how the fuck somebody like me who has all the charisma of a log has become a shoujo manga protagonist.

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boost this post if you:

- have a butt
- don't have a butt
- are a butt
- have 2 butts

nobody will know which one

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Disney puchasing a vast render farm so it can use machine learning and a complicated neural network to spit out endless sequels to Cars

Just had a conversation with one of my GMs that amounted to...

Me: How does the afterlife in this setting work? Is there even one? Necromancy has a whole lot of possible moral implications and ethical dilemmas that might end up being important to my character and her development. So I figure I should know the details.
GM: You are messing with forces you don't entirely understand and have no idea what lies beyond besides that lingering spirits are most definitely a thing.
Me: Is that because I shouldn't know these things or because the book just put ghosts and necromancers in because they were cool and didn't think any further than that?
GM: The latter

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kids these days won't know what it's like to update flash player every day

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🏜Hello all! I’m Julius, new to Mastodon and still trying to learn the interface, I’m a gay transmasc fandom artist that lives off my art and I draw a lot of beefy boys|🏜

🏜cacticryptid on Instagram|Twitter
🏜CowboyCoffin on tumblr (personal)
🏜Gothgyrozeppeli on twitter (personal)

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grammatical number, the thing that makes verbs change shape, the difference between "is" and "are," is not actually well correlated to the number of objects referred to.

a "pair of pants" theoretically refers to the tubes of fabric that go on each of your legs (sorry Brits!), each one of which is called a 'pant,' but the whole object is inseparable.

you can sort of understand why a "pair of scissors" is the way it is, but that's definitely one object hinged firmly together, and there is no 'scissor' (except as a verb).

likewise, a "pair of glasses" does not refer to the pieces of glass in the glasses frames, but to the object in gestalt. there's a word for the piece of glass, 'lens', but "a glass" refers to a drinking vessel.

so yeah. this is my friend. they are nonbinary.

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'you' actually *became* a singular pronoun at a particular point in the history of English. this is not clearly true about 'they', which seems to have been the unmarked, ungendered singular pronoun for as long as the recognizable personal pronoun system has been in place

there was, however, a historical moment when a bunch of 'grammarians' (again: made-up job!) with a boner for Romance languages began to insist that 'he' was a gender-neutral pronoun. this seems to have never taken root in the spoken vernacular, ever

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me when a 'grammarian' complains about singular they: and yet thou usest singular ye? mayhaps thou shouldst get a real job

I keep getting annoyed with fiction's insistence on constantly indulging the absurdist fantasy of "What if cops were good"

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