ten percent of my life is searching for the remote / gamepad

reasons to use the "All Gender Restroom":
- nice to have representation
- your own private piss room; luxury! a personal kingdom of piss! #pissman #pissenby

since the last time i posted i have adopted a kitten. his name is guppy and he likes to yell.

Hi everyone. I am an engineer who likes humanities. Left leaning but agree with an idea or two from the right as well and do not label EVERYONE from the right as fascists.
Non-Binary though - in all aspects.
Ping me to discuss philosophy or spirituality.
I like to day dream!
Eradicating both absolute and relative poverty from India and the world and fighting climate change drives me.

Anyway, as always if you don't want your timeline full of #StarWarsFedi toots remember to mute the tag in your settings! If you're joining us, pin it into a column or do whatever your app likes to do. 10 minutes to go, so grab what you need to grab!

@Lawandemotions I second this view. The world as many of us would like it, doesn't run by idealist theories but by humans with self interests and ideological biases. This results in what we call 'real-politik'. Thus sometimes the better way to help the society and the oppressed is to work in/with the system to improve it rather than always striving to overthrow it.

On being Anti-establishment:
My Anti-establishment (AE) attitude stems from my parents actually, who were themselves Anti-establishment. (a savarna-dalit love marriage).

My dad has never encouraged me to take the power structures seriously. My mother even though she herself was extremely controlling, herself would be very assertive socially, where she would make sure she stands up to casual casteism and colourism in front of me, so I don't develop a complex.

@Lawandemotions true. I also think people are fed up of arguing over same things again and again. Not that they do not do it anymore, but they know when they see a specific post that what are the arguments going to be if they call the OP out and that there is no point in arguing as neither of the two is going to be subverted. Peace!


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