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going to the ER is later because my cold is /that/ bad also I know I obviously have a fever but I donโ€™t have a thermometer because mine broke

absolutely roasting my Computer by writing an entire album about how it's only OK

witches looks so good, it usually takes me a while to adjust to design changes but this is already 10/10 Nice On Eyes

you know whats cool? those sci fi torus space stations filled with forest biomes in them.

Jesus Christ this is Mastodon you donโ€™t have to link to a whole essay you wrote on google docs to explain your position you just have to say โ€œI want to shoot rapists with a gunโ€ and weโ€™ll welcome you with open arms

hey everyone... @spookywitch 's thread here is a harrowing read that is a direct account of what it's like to deal with the aftermath of being abused by laurelai and made a public target by peter coffin

it's a tough read but if you want to know why these people need to be kept out of our communities in order to keep them safe, this is a window into it

Why are sex toys so expensive?

The B in BDSM doesn't stand for bourgeois.

imagine me standing in front of you as you curl up in the fetal position. My arms spread, my body pierces by the javelins of doge and lolcats and yeah sex is good but. after what seems like forever, i finally sink to one knee.

You cradle my bleeding, meme-filled body in your arms, crying as my lifeblood seeps out. my final words "i lost this battle. But you can win the war". You kiss me as the last of the light leaves my eyes.

Then you pick up my sword, resolving to kill every last meme in existence to bring me vengeance.

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hey the gf and I are watching velvet buzzsaw does anyone want to join a stream?

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