Enter discipleship

Take the time to validate your mutuals. No joke, this site has potential for helping each other out by small acts of kindness. And it would affect positively to a lot of people’s mental health and self-esteem issues.

@foxfire I really love that we are able to create a culture of validation on here (alongside the silliness)

@confusedmagpie @foxfire the biggest hearts in the world have all migrated here to toot support at each other

@confusedmagpie look, we live in neighbor countries if you keep being so cute I’ll have to invite you over.

@foxfire well I actually live in Scotland BUT every once in a while I'll spend like a month back home and I'M TEMPTED

@confusedmagpie don’t make me temp you with selfies. Or nudes. Because I will if I have to and I won’t regret it and you’ll end up being my gf. Just saying.

@foxfire honey I don't got one, but I will get one I'm THAT whipped

@readytherhinos @foxfire is this the "uhaul" I keep hearing about, cause I'm gay and it's lit 💜

@foxfire FUCK Y-EA)(, I act mean on )(ere a lot boat please know I'm naut being searious and I glub all of you!!!!! If I acs)(elly )(urt yoar eelings, please let me know, I don't want to actually upset anyone!!!!

I glub you all and I want to mako ebberyone's day at least a little betta!!!!!!!!

@foxfire this is SO important but I don't always have the words to express support so i feel like all i can do is leave a fave. nevertheless i love all my mutual even if i can't always say it ❤️❤️❤️:berries_happy:

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