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why hate on yourself when there are so many nazis and TERFs?

@foxfire So you basically want to empower racism and hate.

@foxfire Yeah, that's exactly what I thought, when I read your toot.

Don't tell people to hate others.

@Kie4Eel7 People can do as they fucking please and I’ll always encourage everyone to fight against the pure hatred of intolerance.

"Take the time to validate your mutuals. No joke, this site has potential for helping each other out by small acts of kindness. And it would affect positively to a lot of people’s mental health and self-esteem issues."

Yeah, you're basically hating against women.

@Kie4Eel7 The fuck you saying.

You just want to be a dickhead using false arguments and I’m politely asking you to leave me alone.

@foxfire You're saying to hate against TERFs. They are women. So you're saying to hate against women.

@foxfire So why aren't you encouraging others to fight against you? Since you're intolerant of nazis and TERFs.

@foxfire Weird How Assholes Can Read This And Think, “Hm, Am I Being Transmisogynist? No, It’s The Trans People Who Are Misogynist”

It's okay they're not very bright if they keep resulting to strawman arguements keep doing what you're doing

@kiraxbb I just blocked them because I saw the conversation wasn’t going anywhere and I’m not about to waste my time in someone petty.

@foxfire @kiraxbb Default avatar, username and display name made up of may-as-well-be-random letters and numbers... just like birbsite.

Underestimating the vacuous room for hate in my heart

@foxfire wow, so many things I don't have to do because it's already done

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