Rune-enchanted cant

Take the time to validate your mutuals. No joke, this site has potential for helping each other out by small acts of kindness. And it would affect positively to a lot of people’s mental health and self-esteem issues.

Rune-enchanted cant

why hate on yourself when there are so many nazis and TERFs?

The burger I had for lunch was gross but I get overwhelmed with the Asian dishes and idk what to order so I always end up there.

I did everything I had to and more. I’m pretty proud of myself. Let’s keep it up.

The nap left me feeling worse than before but I’m already out running errands.

I really feel like I need a nap but I also need “permission” to not feel guilty about it.

Should I take a short nap and then shower and do stuff


should I just push through how tired for no reason I am?

Please help.

real Can you have BPD and bipolar at the same time google search hours

Honestly I feel more like taking a nap than going out but I can’t keep doing that. Avoiding the outside world.

Meaning I want to exercise to get strong so I don’t tire so easily and can do things like hiking.

I keep thinking about exercising. But I see it as a life-long commitment.

I should stop smoking but I don’t really want to, it’s my last unhealthy coping mechanism. Let me keep just this one.

(Foxfire)^2 channeled

Please FAV THIS if you follow me and can read me. It’s IMPORTANT bc I might need to change instance.

Okay bought Bad boy Blue from Manic Panic. I hope the shade fits me.

Fuck it I’m totally going back to blue hair.

My plan is to just toot freely here without worrying about the fact that I don’t get feedback and can’t seem to make friends.

Which begs the question: should I stay blonde or go back to blue haired bi disaster????

Okay here’s the deal — I will charge my phone while playing and when it’s at 70% I will take my shower and get ready to go out. And then I will do stuff.

I should take a shower and go get my eyebrows done but ugh it’s like I don’t have the strength.

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