Rune-enchanted cant

Take the time to validate your mutuals. No joke, this site has potential for helping each other out by small acts of kindness. And it would affect positively to a lot of people’s mental health and self-esteem issues.

Rune-enchanted cant

I want to dress like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman someday. For a party. Something. Love the look.

Here's a drawing I did of five from the umbrella academy bls love him

Please help

i’m having a lot of trouble w my laptop but I have no money to get it repaired lmao

i was sleeping off my period pains and out oof the blue I was woken up by a literal job interview on the phone no previous advice and...

I nailed it they want me in for the next part of the process

Billy Joel: you know i run with a dangerous crowd
Me, trying not to crack up: i did not know that billy joel

feeling claustrophobic AF right now but I can’t get out bc it’s almost 3AM

i'll bring back satanic panic singlehandedly if i fucking have to

okay google just told me that I’m having normal symptoms so I guess at least I’m not dying

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I want to keep playing LiS with the boyfriend bc it’s a lovely and super special experience for me.

this young lady is reading in the grass unsupervised do I need to call an adult on her or ???

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