Should one read much into a neighborhood scattered with crying children who scream so much from pain and fear

Should one wonder what kind of parents those children have

Or should one act like a Malaysian who agrees that "yes this is normal, the parents are exercising Asian traditional values"

(Self-proclaimed traditionalists truly hate human rights and any such notion of non-violence and absence of abuse. They feel that if they had gone through it before, someone else should suffer as they had)

Enter discipleship

Okay, most of the time my neighbors and fellow classmates (or people in my university) make me feel like murdering them

Other times I wonder if we can have hopeful fairy tales where kindly witches or mythological creatures take abused children from the adults that hurt them

I know my stance most of the time is "I hate kids", but I also acknowledge that kids behave nastily because their parents failed to raise'em right. If there's a chance for them to be better, no need to waste that chance by leaving them in incompetent hands

(Still feels like launching into a rant about the notion of Ownership of pets/children... Maybe another time)

@flootist *laughing in german* yes... witches in the woods... encountering children...

@anarchiv idk about traditional tropes. I'm thinking about an Asian-American witch who asks about the parents of children who get lost in the woods, like whether the parents scream at them, yell when they cry, or mock them for failing to do something that the parents thought were simple

@flootist I was just joking about Hänsel & Gretel. But heck, I like that concept

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