Rune-enchanted cant

Okay, most of the time my neighbors and fellow classmates (or people in my university) make me feel like murdering them

Other times I wonder if we can have hopeful fairy tales where kindly witches or mythological creatures take abused children from the adults that hurt them

I know my stance most of the time is "I hate kids", but I also acknowledge that kids behave nastily because their parents failed to raise'em right. If there's a chance for them to be better, no need to waste that chance by leaving them in incompetent hands

(Still feels like launching into a rant about the notion of Ownership of pets/children... Maybe another time)

Rune-enchanted cant

if I start something like a Gross Girls Club, would anyone join me

not gross in a boundary-ignoring sort of way, but mostly defying the stereotype that girls are supposed to be neat, tidy, clean, ""pure"", all that jizz

Rune-enchanted cant

Redoing my :
I'm Nadiah from West Malaysia, known as f-identity on from whence I migrated last Dec. I've been raised as a cisgender woman, but I prefer to be identified as nonbinary sometimes. Guess I can say I'm genderfluid?

I write fanfiction (you can find my AO3 in my profile) as well as original fic which I normally don't publish. I like listening to , mostly thrash and melodic, sometimes music. I play the by ear, and I have yet to make a habit of practicing.


Rune-enchanted cant

writing stuff, magic system, long post 

Rune-enchanted cant

Quoth the gigantic spirit library owl:

"You're not the first humans to think their war was just."

every time a terf dies a trans person gets their hrt

casually listening to RPG Maker horror game soundtracks to concentrate on tasks

at least, the soothing background ones

anyway fuck google, fuck NPM, fuck kickstarter. unionize now! ✊️

“it’s technically not illegal” is a rich excuse in a failed state

It's raining, so I invited Orange Cat indoors

but he just stopped, groomed himself, and curled up at the doorstep

I never learned a word of Hawaiian in school, spend years homeless in Hawaii as a Native Hawaiian under imperial US capitalism working as a social worker/teacher paid starvation wages

But the Kanaka Maoli are taking our country back. Our *successful* prevention of a 1.4 billion dollar desecration (TMT) for 150 days has ignited, protests, strikes, shutdowns from Hawaiian airlines to the hotel industry, with Hawaiian flags, language spoken proudly one again

boomers be like: climate change? stupid teens should stop using their cell phones then *continues to use car everyday for convenience*

food and healthcare should never EVER be a commodity, it should be a GIVEN

Gone are the days when books are larger than bricks and you can leave them lying open on a stand

I used to dog-ear the novels I read. Now I just use bookmarks (usually clothes-tags or some other form of cardboard)

BREAKING: ceasefire and info's on it's context 

When people use the term snowflake unironically, just remember they're quoting Fight Club, a satire written by a gay man about how male fragility causes men to destroy themselves, resent society and become radicalized. and that Tyler Durden isnt the hero but a personification of the main character's deep insecurities, and that his snowflake speech is a dig at how fascists use dehumanizing language to breed loyalty from insecure people.

"We are alone in this universe."

Out of hope and desperation, I took the quote to heart.

Earth was unquestionably too full; not of the living, but of generations upon generations of spirits - I became more aware with every passing year.

I earned a pilots license - there were less spirits in the sky. So I set my eyes beyond.

My time on the ISS was hell - countless ancient, unfathomable beings had once lived and perished up here.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Paranormal #SciFi

It’s an abhorrent suppertime in the plaza, and you are a blessed raptor.

You a simple pleeb: youtube recommends songs you might like
Me an amazing badass: bo staff tricks and lock breaking tips

i love people who write big effortposty introductions with like "hoping to use this account to find other lojban speakers, ex-presbyterians and arcane archaeologists! 😋" and then a month later they're just posting pee pee poo poo like the rest of us

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