Rune-enchanted cant

Me: [sleeping]

My subconscious: Leverage is a great show and all, but don't you feel it's very white and Western-centric? In the following movie-length dreams, I will demonstrate to you the kind of Leverage fiction YOU can write

Rune-enchanted cant

Redoing my :
I'm Nadiah from West Malaysia, known as f-identity on from whence I migrated last Dec. I've been raised as a cisgender woman, but I prefer to be identified as nonbinary sometimes. Guess I can say I'm genderfluid?

I write fanfiction (you can find my AO3 in my profile) as well as original fic which I normally don't publish. I like listening to , mostly thrash and melodic, sometimes music. I play the by ear, and I have yet to make a habit of practicing.


Rune-enchanted cant

If you're curious how I sound like, you can have a listen here

Sorry about all the long pauses, I'm bad at talking IRL

Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

Quoth the gigantic spirit library owl:

"You're not the first humans to think their war was just."

Don't mind me, just listening to Slayer while trying to study for the accounting exam that will take place less than two weeks from now

anyway, the ocean is dope and full of secrets

axe lesbians who support sword lesbians put this in your sig if you're down

Wow I wanted to watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail but what I got is anarchist theory in the first 10 minutes

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Either my headphones aren't that good at noise cancellation, or the humans at this campus are exceedingly loud

I'm leaning towards the latter because these headphones are great for gaming and ignoring knocks on the room door

I’m a centrist; I believe both sides have valid ideas, both Communism and Anarchism.

i swear if one of y'all motherfuckers starts doing that Attack Helicopter shit i'm going to knock your god damn head off

Leverage teaches me a step closer to getting away from home

because there are no war birds, just as menacing as one, which is a booper

you can tell what music is playing in my life to be finished

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I think P equals NP because it'd be really easy to dunk Martin Shkreli's head in a toilet

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