Rune-enchanted cant

Okay, most of the time my neighbors and fellow classmates (or people in my university) make me feel like murdering them

Other times I wonder if we can have hopeful fairy tales where kindly witches or mythological creatures take abused children from the adults that hurt them

I know my stance most of the time is "I hate kids", but I also acknowledge that kids behave nastily because their parents failed to raise'em right. If there's a chance for them to be better, no need to waste that chance by leaving them in incompetent hands

(Still feels like launching into a rant about the notion of Ownership of pets/children... Maybe another time)

Rune-enchanted cant

if I start something like a Gross Girls Club, would anyone join me

not gross in a boundary-ignoring sort of way, but mostly defying the stereotype that girls are supposed to be neat, tidy, clean, ""pure"", all that jizz

Rune-enchanted cant

Redoing my :
I'm Nadiah from West Malaysia, known as f-identity on from whence I migrated last Dec. I've been raised as a cisgender woman, but I prefer to be identified as nonbinary sometimes. Guess I can say I'm genderfluid?

I write fanfiction (you can find my AO3 in my profile) as well as original fic which I normally don't publish. I like listening to , mostly thrash and melodic, sometimes music. I play the by ear, and I have yet to make a habit of practicing.


Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

Quoth the gigantic spirit library owl:

"You're not the first humans to think their war was just."

Simultaneously wanting job security and an end to capitalism

i really enjoy psychology but i wish psychologists had historically been held accountable for their weak grasp on experimental design bc then we might not have The Current Situation where there’s like a 25% success rate for replicating β€œfoundational” social psych experiments

me, 26: *gets run over at green pedestrian lights in a hit-and-run-accident*

boomers: damn millennials always staring at their phones

@Pixley @laser which actually means "I have insurance but there is no way I am going to file a claim about this because I will be found out immediately"

@laser oh one THOUSAND percent, and also the article notes that he doesn't have comprehensive coverage for his car so he is going to have to pay $350 to replace the window that "antifa" "broke"

talks to birds, talks about birds

talks to stray cats curiously exploring the temporary dumpster, a big rough metal compartment containing smashed tiles, throwaway fabric, and some really old pillows

Do stray cats use pillows, I wonder

Communism vs Capitalism in America 

Some actual domain names which are currently unregistered:

@eightbitsamurai I love how capitalism denounces communism due to food lines and soviet-style tenement blocks as it slowly pushes us towards food lines and soviet-style tenement blocks

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