Rune-enchanted cant

Okay, most of the time my neighbors and fellow classmates (or people in my university) make me feel like murdering them

Other times I wonder if we can have hopeful fairy tales where kindly witches or mythological creatures take abused children from the adults that hurt them

I know my stance most of the time is "I hate kids", but I also acknowledge that kids behave nastily because their parents failed to raise'em right. If there's a chance for them to be better, no need to waste that chance by leaving them in incompetent hands

(Still feels like launching into a rant about the notion of Ownership of pets/children... Maybe another time)

Rune-enchanted cant

if I start something like a Gross Girls Club, would anyone join me

not gross in a boundary-ignoring sort of way, but mostly defying the stereotype that girls are supposed to be neat, tidy, clean, ""pure"", all that jizz

Rune-enchanted cant

Redoing my :
I'm Nadiah from West Malaysia, known as f-identity on from whence I migrated last Dec. I've been raised as a cisgender woman, but I prefer to be identified as nonbinary sometimes. Guess I can say I'm genderfluid?

I write fanfiction (you can find my AO3 in my profile) as well as original fic which I normally don't publish. I like listening to , mostly thrash and melodic, sometimes music. I play the by ear, and I have yet to make a habit of practicing.


Rune-enchanted cant

writing stuff, magic system, long post 

Rune-enchanted cant

Quoth the gigantic spirit library owl:

"You're not the first humans to think their war was just."

might do a Tarot reading after shower tomorrow morning

sure hope the haze will dissipate sooner rather than later. my soul is really sad

Autumn is the time of expenses!
🍂 💸 🍂

It gets cold around here fast, after all.


So now's a good time to remind you that I have a #KoFi - - where I post a couple free stories a month.

And I have a #Patreon - - where I post a whole bunch of stuff every month.

I'm $17/month from my next milestone on #Patreon. So if this can reach 1700 people, I just need 1% of them to patronize me!

Boosts appreciated.

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what do you mean "dual-wielding fediverse accounts does not constitute double-entry accounting"

our laws were written by the companies that could pay congress the most to write them. so the biggest companies write the regulations that effect themselves -- allowing them to become more and more exploitative, and therefore siphon more and more of the products of the worker's labor.

how is that different in effect than China's State Capitalism? whether the government owns the companies or the companies own the government, the worker still has no say.

the "Muslim" howler monkeys next door really have some nerve still gaming and screaming on Friday Prayers hour

religious upbringing, shitty neighbor 

Poverty in urban areas populated by people of colour is always framed as an issue because of the "criminality" and "violence" there, rather than the nightmarish living conditions their inhabitants have been forced to endure. White middle class people can only conceive of poverty as a problem when it is an inconvenience to them.

fucking dying that my performance art would have 100% more followers :blobcatrainbow:

anyway here's a bunch of lettuce I grew on the balcony (sunglasses for scale)

(goddammit I forgot Ghostemane again. I know he's pretty new to my collection, but his music has big Satan energy)

"how do you even Satanize your space?"

"well, I can't put up an altar or draw a pentagram, but I can fill the space with Slayer, Cancer Bats, Lamb of God, and other suitable music"

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