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Redoing my :
I'm Nadiah from West Malaysia, known as f-identity on from whence I migrated last Dec. I've been raised as a cisgender woman, but I prefer to be identified as nonbinary sometimes. Guess I can say I'm genderfluid?

I write fanfiction (you can find my AO3 in my profile) as well as original fic which I normally don't publish. I like listening to , mostly thrash and melodic, sometimes music. I play the by ear, and I have yet to make a habit of practicing.


Rune-enchanted cant

If you're curious how I sound like, you can have a listen here

Sorry about all the long pauses, I'm bad at talking IRL

Rune-enchanted cant

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Rune-enchanted cant

Quoth the gigantic spirit library owl:

"You're not the first humans to think their war was just."

For real though, I have an orange kitty, and she has a mommycat that's borne kittens at least twice

Monday: meet a girl

Tuesday: sit next to each other in class, have lunch together, talk about each other, show pictures of each other's cats

Uhh wait

I think the biggest realization I've had about love while growing up is discarding the idea of a "soulmate". It's a sweet concept, and I don't think anyone who describes their partner that way is doing something terrible or wrong.

But people are people, everyone has problems. Issues they have to work through, and they're their own person. No one person was Born for our sake, they were born for theirs. So we have to put forth the effort to be a part of their lives, just like they have to do so vice versa.

Being with someone isn't saying "we're meant to be together", it's "I want to grow together".

the first time I was out around my maternal grandmother, she kept accidentally calling me my mom's name and it was incredibly validating


Tammy comes out to her Grandma


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Earth First: **Despite Risks, Canada’s Tar Sands Industry Is Betting Big on Oil Trains**

"While Canadian oil train volumes are breaking records, those numbers could be even higher if not for the efforts of activists effectively blocking new oil-by-rail infrastructure in North America."

#anarchism #bot

me and my gang of druids showing up in snuggies cause the price of druid robes is outrageous

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Communism is that secondary school "old flame" that I'm recently getting in touch with and trying to better understand. Hopefully spend more time with.

These thoughts brought to you as an extension to a phrase I thought this afternoon: "I flirted with communism as a teenager"

I hadn't managed to socialize with that many people today, but while depression over money is up, I don't feel stressed out by social anxiety.

Steps and steps closer to perhaps instill communist tendencies in my fellow classmates.

Wanna radicalize someone? Tell them we don't need to work Mondays and could easily get by on 4-6 hours a day if the bosses weren't thieves.

jk rowling reveals all of her character retcons are literary projections of her own liberal insecurities as a rich white woman

While charity is great, Consider supporting people in your community, either physical or virtual, you'll soon see that money come back into circulation rather than it going somewhere you can't see it.

Help your community flourish!


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