Rune-enchanted cant

Hey witches :blobcatrainbow: if you’re ever curious about your star chart but don’t know much about astrolology (typo intentional :doge:) & you’d like a breakdown in a more one-on-one or less-overwhelming way than what websites will give you, just DM me! I’ll tell you the basics of where your planets are & what they mean, all I need is your day of birth (location & time are also necessary for rising sign). No cost! It’s “only” a symbolic tool for sorting & analyzing traits; I don’t believe in forecasting horoscopes. But it’s always been of service to me as a highly flexible means of identifying one’s strengths & weaknesses.

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Updated disclaimer for potential followers: I do CWs for sex, kink/bdsm, abuse/assault, bigotry, self-harm/etc., gore/horror, & some other things at my discretion. Beyond that, although I don't begrudge others their use of further CWs, I can & may post plentifully about things like food, alcohol/other drugs, mental health ups & downs, or queerness; likewise even the CW'd kink & sex are fairly prevalent. I am hypersexual. Lastly, the use of animal products is part of my rite. So if you avoid that stuff I would advise not following/muting/blocking. Ignore me & go about your fedi life! :blobcatrainbow:

(Oh & this is a selfie-free account for privacy reasons.)

Jefferson Airplane: “Somebody To Love”

When the truth is found to be lies
& all the joy within you dies—

Gustav Holst: “The Planets: Mercury, the Winged Messenger”

Today I will follow rite by writing & trying to do something affirming for my body. I had a really upsetting experience yesterday before my tattoo that’s left me still feeling ugly & unsexy

fey channeled

A liiiittle sad because for the first time my tattoo session wound up only being line art! My artist was running behind schedule, I was in need of a pain break, etc. On the plus side I guess I’m saving some money this month...

fey channeled
fey channeled

hey, do your plants also whisper to you at night about their thirst of animal flesh, and the forbidden city sunken deep beneath the ocean from which they origin? haha plants are so weird

Today I’m following rite with my own NEW TATTOO :blobcatrainbow:

fey channeled

who wears the plants in your relationship

fey channeled

i understand some of y'all just really like apps and like if you want to use them go ahead, but consider: browser, even on mobile!

you get:

  • moon
  • special events
  • O-Live
  • oroboros-kun and sigil-chan
  • CANT!
  • did i mention moon
  • 666
  • a compelling selection of purple themes

I’m about to go to bed but I just snuck a look at the moon, here she’s shrouded in magical ghost wisps & the brightest stars are out & a firefly was flashing green by the silhouette of a maple

The Dubliners: "Rocky Road to Dublin" (traditional)

Then off to reap the corn
& leave where I was born,
cut a stout blackthorn
to banish ghosts & goblin,
brand new pair of brogues
to rattle o'er the bogs
& frighten all the dogs
on the rocky road to Dublin—

I'm home. Time to test something...

fey channeled

Under the full Moon
I read the cards once again.
They fucking own me.

fey channeled
fey channeled
fey channeled
fey channeled

nazis, freedom of speech 

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