Rune-enchanted cant

Hey witches :blobcatrainbow: if you’re ever curious about your star chart but don’t know much about astrolology (typo intentional :doge:) & you’d like a breakdown in a more one-on-one or less-overwhelming way than what websites will give you, just DM me! I’ll tell you the basics of where your planets are & what they mean, all I need is your day of birth (location & time are also necessary for rising sign). No cost! It’s “only” a symbolic tool for sorting & analyzing traits; I don’t believe in forecasting horoscopes. But it’s always been of service to me as a highly flexible means of identifying one’s strengths & weaknesses.

Rune-enchanted cant

People I’m specifically looking for in the fedi lately: does anyone else consider themselves a left-wing survivalist? Not in terms of mandated primitivism, but in terms of learning/teaching lost or undertaught survival skills that are necessary in times of instability or scarcity. If you’re in that ballpark please @ or DM me, I’d love to make such connections, get some resources, & eventually figure out how to help more comrades, witches, or comrade-witches be Ready. (Please boost!)

Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Updated disclaimer for potential followers: I do CWs for sex, kink/bdsm, abuse/assault, bigotry, self-harm/etc., gore/horror, & some other things at my discretion. Beyond that, although I don't begrudge others their use of further CWs, I can & may post plentifully about things like food, alcohol/other drugs, mental health ups & downs, or queerness; likewise even the CW'd kink & sex are fairly prevalent. I am hypersexual. Lastly, the use of animal products is part of my rite. So if you avoid that stuff I would advise not following/muting/blocking. Ignore me & go about your fedi life! :blobcatrainbow:

(Oh & this is a selfie-free account for privacy reasons.)

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Public Service Announcement:

"uBlock Origin" and "uBlock" are two different privacy plugins for web browsers.

✅ uBlock Origin is the one recommends

❌ uBlock is NOT recommended

For more information on why they have such similar names but are so different:

p.s. recommends installing both uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger ( alongside each other.

#uBlockOrigin #uBlock #µBlock #Privacy #AdBlocking

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Maple blossoms aren't showy, but they deserve to be recognized. #florespondence

Starting the Taurus hype train on w.l :rainbowdance: :blobhearteyesa: :rainbowdance: :blobhearteyesa: :rainbowdance: :blobhearteyesa: :rainbowdance: :blobhearteyesa: :rainbowdance:

Taurus season has been off to a kind of grey start & I'm bracing for a lot of stress the entire month, but motherfucker I'm always excited for it. Even without an ounce of Taurus in my chart I'm just so here for fixed sign times, plus I love my bull friends so much ♉

Simon & Garfunkel: “Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall”

I don’t know what is real
I can’t touch what I feel
& I hide behind the shield of my illusion

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Third gender choice on id cards is just wrong. It only reinforce the idea that cis male and cis female are the two real gender and everything else is freakish and needs to be monitored.

Gender does not belong on id cards and official papers.

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be queer enough to make the marketable gays uncomfortable

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Today I may follow rite by writing, one way or another. I’m also going to try & practice patience with all of this rain.

I’m so ludicrously proud of how good my linguine bolognese is. It’s not like, actually-Italian-level good, but it’s still good enough to make me melt into a puddle whenever I eat it. Very excited whenever I have the energy to make it. It’s definitely some of my oldest kitchen witchcraft :blobcatrainbow:

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Under communism there is only one dick and we all have to share

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thinking about how all rent is literally stolen income

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I didn't know Zodiac based descrimination could be a thing but perhaps I underestimate the ability of white people to invent new ways to be assholes

Today I may follow rite by writing. If not by that, certainly by taking some time to walk outside & enjoy Earth Day, even in the city. It’s a secular holiday of course, but any excuse to grow closer with this unfathomably singular home

I've potted my mint & lavender... then completely mixed up which pot was which! Oh well, in a couple weeks I should find out...

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