Rune-enchanted cant

lets see i guess bc im new heres a lil

I'm zheida (or K), I draw mostly and my art acct is over at @zheida i'm a little goth idiot in louisiana with a husband and 2 cats. any pronouns are fine, i typically prefer they just because but i'm not picky. I play ff14!!... on the server faerie LOL Fjore Elgaard :ffxiv_pld: :ffxiv_ast: :ffxiv_drk: Other than that I post a lot of shit (and my work is inspired by) about old RPGS and anime from the 70s-90s

ummmm not sure what else! this instance was made for me so i'm happy to b here :ablobcatbongo:

OK! my commissions are officially reopened with special holiday themed listings!! each holiday order WILL be finished before December 22nd, just in time for christmas. Any boosts are appeciated and thank you! #mastoart #commissions #holiday

it is only funny to me bc here i am rewatching 11 year old tv shows

well hm that wouldn't be it bc we wouldn't be able follow each other?? I think :blobcatthonking:

why can I not see my friend's posts on my tl... are we not federated with

haven't been too active on here for a little bit but hopefully will be more.. I think I'm just having trouble finding a place I wanna settle and mastodon makes me a lil nervous sometimes LOL but how have yall been, I kinda check in occasionally

3 things that aren't on my profile 

one of my best friends sent me a beautiful boy on the mail, she doesn't keep figures anymore so imma take care of him!!

another extremely good OST is from queen millenia-- and as u all will learn about me, all i watch is old anime

end credit sequence of one of my favorite movies, Legend of Sirius. I'm probably going to stream this within the next week or so..

i went to lowes today to get some primer and sandpaper and stuff for my new dresser to repaint it and saw halloween decorations everywhere and now this is just my brain and its barely september PLEASE COME FASTER HALLOWEEN

also we went to tractor supply to try and get the cats some pine pellets to do for litter (God pray for me it works) and THERE WERE BABY CHICKENS

went to a thrift store and got a new dresser for 35 bucks and I'm gonna TRY... and refurb it, I've never done this kinda thing but hey gotta start my goth furniture dream somewhere

uwehhguuh that person who comissioned the cute blood elf gave me a tip of 10 bucks I'm cry I LOVE THAT especially when I take God damn 2 months :blobcatmeltthumb: :hacker_n: :hacker_i: :hacker_c: :hacker_e:

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