They look like the spitting image of the liberal douche from south park.

Can't believe I referenced SP of all things, I feel dirty.

The best thing about fediverse is you can opt out of search engine indexing.

Hate that if anyone online so much as breaths google is on that shit

Hope everyone has a happy new year tonight, let's make the 2020s the decade where we set things right in the world.

I remember that old collb writing project the well cultured anon long ago.

Would love to see something like that again but more up to date and with less the channer lingo.

hygene stuff 

hygene stuff 

hygene stuff 

Also Tim Cook looks like a posh prick and his face annoys me.

Yes flash has problems and holes but nothing is unfixable in a better world adobe would give people the source code so others could pick up the torch and allow flash to survive in some future form.

but under this system its never gonna happen and thats sad.

Tumblr clean feed was because apple dictated it so tumblr could get on the fabled app store.

the aesthetic tech firms use is due to apple making it popular and ramming it down our throats.

Flash is dying because apple doesn't like it and jobs always wanted to get it to fuck. Everything apple touches turns to crap, can we stop letting apple dictate how tech and the internet should work?

Nog is sent on a humanitarian mission, which turns out to have a secret Vulcan military agenda. Quark is busted for trying to set up underground Romulan badger fights. An exact replica of Chief O'Brian dies.


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