Really wanted to design one of the rooms where Narya lived, except the drawing on paper ended up way too small for me to add any proper details and everyone is real tiny #ocs #MastoArt

I'm finally drinking the imported bottle of Coca-Cola my friend bought me, and it is far more delicious compared to the USA formula.

It seems that Mexico uses Sugar Cane in theirs and it is delightful!

Just kidding - it looks like they placed the snacks and drinks at the furthest end of the building today, forcing people to walk down the narrow hallway through all the vendors.

Hmm, yesterday's conference day had food, drinks, and snacks out in the lobby all day. [Which was awesome]

Today, there's none. I guess they're trying to stick to the designated food times more strictly today...?

A wonderful surprise on my conference trip is that the organization is feeding us meals - but I'm already getting a per diem from work. Now that per diem is covering meals during my personal vacation portions of the trip!

I'm in shock after seeing that FFVII Remake intro cinematic. I still can't believe that my childhood is coming back to life in a way that I never would have dreamed.

I'm also trying not to cry in the middle of a conference after watching it, because my PRIORITIES. I sniffled a bunch and wiped my eyes, but I still managed to keep it together! :sweating_succubus:

Hi! Here is my #LowEffortMiku!! Please be gentle with her. This Miku was born in just 12 minutes.

Oh yeah, feel free to just credit me with Kari Avalon this time. Thanks!

#kariavalonart #FanArt

Strong language; Academic exploitation 

And the most important thing is that my flatmate texted me, saying: "Your plants thirst, so I gave them the liquid."

Blessings upon them for keeping my plant family in good shape.

Went to the rodeo yesterday, so if I ever attend another one in the future, I can safely say 'this ain't my first rodeo.'

And wow, what a fascinating culture shock it was for me.

Today included a visit to and many hours spent on a famous museum ship! This vacation is going splendidly so far.

I'm currently traveling and had authentic Tex/Mex and sweet tea which I loved. So my friend is currently coming back with breakfast tacos - this way I can experience that as well.

Today's gouache paints. The foresty one is based on a photo by @dadegroot ^.^ Definitely much improved since I started even though it's only been a few days. I was less stingy with the paint today too. #MastoArt

While doing my chat reference shift today, one virtual patron was astonished by the amount of assistance they received from me.

They followed up with a "we can't believe how much useful info you're providing, thank you so much'" and it put a smile on my face to read that.

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