Rune-enchanted cant

i bought a witchcraft book that was written in the 90s and oh man it does NOT disappoint

Rune-enchanted cant

i have no idea if this is supposed to be a leftist post or a kpop post but either way.... mood

how's it going y'all... i haven't been on this bitch in ages

hey y'all, i have (temporarily?) moved to a new account! apparnetly there's a kpop instance and... i Gotta be there... i'll come back here if that place ends up sucking ass but for now i'll be at

does anyone have any recs for cool instances to join... i wanna explore more Vibes and communities and all that but there are so many instances and idk how to even go about finding them/knowing which ones are good or not

thinking about transness as radical freedom. the idea that you dont inherently have to act a certain way based on categories that were assigned to you is scary to many but the truth is that it is incredibly liberating. i wish trans people didnt have to suffer so much for bringing this gift into the world

the new exid comeback isn't good either........... did everyone in kpop make a pact to drink dumb bitch juice together before choosing their next concepts

i see a lot of you on here acting like you're superior just cause you don't watch game of thrones, and i just want to tell you all, 


marxists can see the vast network of unfounded and contradictory assumptions that form the core of liberal ideology, but can they see why kids love the great taste of cinnamon toast crunch

i don't feel like moving until i've had something to eat. but all of the things to eat are away from me and require me to get up and move. this world truly is cruel

also i hid the notifications tab and suddenly mastodon got so much more interesting.... not sure if it's bc the posts are Big now or bc i don't have to care about who last gave me Attention anymore

the new weki meki comeback is okay ig but i'm more devastated by the fact that they didn't have an amazing transcendant song as their b-side like they usually do :/

letting myself be a gay girl was the best decision of my life

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