Vanity is spending slightly too long trying to make your boobs look good in a selfie

VIII: Strength
Some things cannot be forced. Having the strength to allow change requires finding the capacity to accept and forgive and love, both for forces within and without.

Selfie, ec 

EmiliaGrace channeled

Riker: Skinner, his kitchen in flames
Riker: Martin, his geode unacknowledged!
Picard: (dismissive wave) David, after dentist.
Riker: Chipmunk, it's expression dramatic!
Picard: Christian Bale, his voice raised!
Riker: Fry, his eyes narrowed.
Picard: Shaka, when the walls fell.

sun warming my freckled shoulders
the breath of the wind cooling my
bruised shins and whispers strands
of hair across my cheeks as notes of
birds fall like petals across my lips
how did i go without this for so long

EmiliaGrace channeled

Big lunar eclipse energy 

SOME mornings you just gotta roll in with windows down, blasting Smash Mouth at too high a volume

The only tucking we do in this house is French tucking

Lost girlhood 

Tarot, parenting (tarenting?) 

EmiliaGrace channeled

I always think of "a year before hormones" me as a bit like the Marge with the Potato meme

The potato is labeled "all the transfeminine people on social media"

"I just think they're neat" old me says, sweating internally


Selfie, ec-ish? 

Pensive verse, inspired by 17776 of all things 

EmiliaGrace channeled

Rasputin may have been a corrupt advisor and class traitor to the Russian proletariat but we did get a really good Boney T song from it so it's hard to say if he was bad or not

EmiliaGrace channeled

Review of 'feeld', by Jos Charles (cw: medical?) 

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