cassandra channeled

lmao i ordered pizza delivery and the driver handed it off to me Perpendicular to the ground. they just utterly fuckin destroyed this pizza in front of me. like. impossible power move

i need to replicate the feel of birdsite (following 600 accounts that all hate eachother and then idly scrolling through my feed, not interacting with anything)

cassandra channeled

when i was 10 i could list 56 things i wanted for christmas in one minute. now i am 22 and you have to give me three business days to come up with anything

ok also im gonna say it: i have no idea why i cant buy a baby yoda plushie. i, along with everyone else who illegally watched the mandalorian, needs a smaller than normal green man that we can hold. massive marketing slip up

the whole camp feature is dumb, but also i spent 20 minutes verbally calling my electro corgy over to me to pet him, so whos to say if its good or bad

im enhjoying the new pokemon game. the animals are cute and the gameplay is what youd expect in a childrens rpg. i really like the design of the fox guy i caught in an early area

cassandra channeled

this is unbelievable. i've never seen a funnier premise for a spam message

cassandra channeled

bury me at makeout creek is such a great album

cassandra channeled

"last night i went to a party where everyone had to prepare a 3 minute lecture on something they w-"
what the fuck. stop talking to me. why would you go to this when there are normal parties

i listened to this album to day. it's pretty good imo. you should check it out

it's been a solid 11 months since i logged on here and i've done a solid nothing with my life, love that for me

fun fact: i got banned the first time because i sent my friend a post saying "i'm gonna kill you im coming to your house" (understandable) and i got banned the second time because i changed my phone number without warning twitter support

i got banned from twitter two times in the past month so i guess i'm now on mastodon

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