Rune-enchanted cant

| What called you to be a witch?

If it was trauma, illness, or strife: Did you find allies at this time? Do you still have and/or honor these relationships?

Hello, pagans and witches! Do you crochet or knit? If so, the Temple of Witchcraft is looking for people to donate prayer shawls for their Shawl Ministry. You do not need to be part of the Temple to donate/request a shawl. Find out more here:

I don’t know who had a message for me but a female cardinal just attempted to land right outside my window. Nature and Spirits are speaking loud right now, if you care to listen.

As I listened to the drumming, images floated gauzy across my eyelids. After a few minutes, I saw the face of a musk-ox pressed close to mine. After some research, I realized these animals symbolize endurance. We can make it through anything. Just hold on.

“When I had called myself a beginner, I was still defining for myself what a witch was. I needed to do some soul-searching and historical research. Afterward, I accepted that to me a witch is someone who journeys between realms.” - and other PiFo updates:

Bad news: the internship I was told I had received in the interview has been reverted to a waitlist. Despite saying they had room for all the applicants in my interview, they’re now saying there was an overflow and they’ve reverted to a first-come/first-served situation.

They’ve urged me not to lose hope as “spaces often open up.”

It’s a setback, not a dead-end. Patience will win out. Either a spot will open up or I’ll find somewhere else that’s taking interns.

I awoke from a dream muttering, “The drums are the key to healing not only the body but the soul.” Preliminary research, like this article from the @ncbi, shows that my Advisor was on to something. 👇🏼👇🏼

Things you witches can be doing while washing your hands to beat :

• one Our Father and one Hail Mary (for your Catholic ancestors)/some other prayer.
• repetition of affirmation/mantra.
• two rounds of the four-fold breath.
• a short blessing for health.

What else?

Like The Fool, I have stepped into this summer without a safety net. I decided not to take the job this year that left me disabled and miserable last summer.

I know that the spirits and ancestors will provide. (And to help them along, I’ve begun the job-search again.)

| As the weather warms and we move towards Spring:

What gifts has this Winter given you? What challenges? How have you responded to each? What reflections have you seen clearly and what do they tell you to do or be, moving forward?

I think I caught my Toot up all the way last night. Sorry for the spam!

I’ve been avoiding writing much of anything (including toots/tweets) as I figure out where I’m going next. And I miss the steady companionship of certain forms of social media. To me, the emphasis should always remain on social.

But I’m back, for better or worse. And I plan on updating much more regularly about my magical activities, &c.

My Artist’s Way cluster was just postpone for tomorrow due to Corona virus fears. It may, in fact, be cancelled for the rest of the six weeks.

As someone who’d fallen behind on tasks, I’m using this next week to catch up. And if class is cancelled? Then I go on alone.

I appreciate the precaution but worry how it’ll affect my progress. Maybe I should offer alternate solutions for access?

Twitter Memes 

| How do you curtail your own possibilities by placing limits on the good you receive?

Where did one of the most popular names for pets come from anyway? (I mean — besides Bell, Book & Candle.) Dig into this piece of witchcraft , coming straight from New England:

What the Picatrix actually is: a 400-page Arabic book of magic and astrology written between the 10th and 11th centuries.

What I think the Picatrix is:

| On the ecstatic passage of the soul in Jakob Grimm writes: "Is all this connected with the witches' mouse-making, and the narrow thread-bridge to be crossed by the soul on its way to the underworld?" [1835, p 1082,]

| What called you to be a witch?

If it was trauma, illness, or strife: Did you find allies at this time? Do you still have and/or honor these relationships?

29 Feb in 1692: Arrest warrants are issued for Tituba Indian, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborne on "suspicion of witchcraft." They had allegedly tormented four girls with pains and visions.

By trials' end, 20 people - including these three - would be dead and 200+ accused.

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