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okay i cant find the post so im just going to re-write it. trans masc pol 

you misunderstand. i said 'virtual crime free', not 'virtually crime free'. all the crimes are extremely real

confession: i never bothered to learn the difference between seattle and portland. whenever someone talks about them i just mentally code it all as the same place

dysphoria, teet yeet 

trickle-down economics is when the blood pools at the base of the guillotine

@degeneracy @islieslytherin I feel that. I need two do 2 semesters of language courses for my degree and I'm thinking of doing more chinese. But there are so many languages to choose from O.o Languages are very cool

it brings me great joy to see clearnet websites freak out when i try to use them while running tor.

the obvious limitation with standard english is everyone refers to themselves the same way, “i”, “me”. which is fine when people are talking to each other directly, “you”, “your”. but that breaks down once referring to others — if you don’t know someone’s 3rd-person pronouns you can use “they” “them”, but also some people don’t like getting called by they/them

the idea of a gendered 1st-person pronoun is, it helps broadcasts clearly to everyone how to respond in turn

@lemjamin @lemjamin
ia: EYE ah
mea: MEE ah
mya: MY ah
miane: MY an

yua: YOO ah
yuar: YOO ar
yuars: YOO ars

then the masc and enby ones are basically the same except replacing the “ah” with “oh” or “eh”

Chinese is honestly a gorgeous language. The writing system is awful to learn, though. That said... the writing is like. Half the beauty. Ugh. Also, speaking it is like my mouth doing a one-tongue circus, which is fun

witchy stuff, mh 


TIL that anarchists read so much theory that cops find it difficult to infiltrate our circles


mention of ICE 

i embroidered this the other day
[image descirption: a small patch of white thread on black cloth reading "galdur og te" with the outline of a tea mug next to it]
galdur og te=witchcraft and tea/魔术和茶。

why are tarot decks so expensive???? why is money?? why is my wishlist so long?? someone buy me all of them. someone dismantle capitalism so i can have all of them asdfhahdfk;ajhuikh

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