bro but like... peak pretty gay trans boy move is packing while wearing a dress. like honestly, i :anqueer: look so good rn. i have the black linen dress, and a black shirt under, and just my usual black jeans and 1. i fucking love linen 2. it’s just so awesome having a twirly dress with pockets :anartrans_symbol: :black_sparkling_heart: :QueerCat_Trans: cute trans vibes

We follow each other, but do people still make friends online?

@riverdreams but like yes. this full moon /中秋节🥮 was super intense for me, and all i did was do a tarot spread and write a poem for a comrade. today i received some really shitty news about a compa in ICE detention’s trial being moved, and i dunno but like the energy is really intense. i gotta start being more spiritual again. sorry for ranting in the subtoo lol😂

trump gets covid on a full moon, next full moon is oct 31
ok, gods, i hear you, its time to start practicing regularly

@red yeah hamilton sucks when you grow up and realize that AMERICA IS BAD, but i still like musicals so i feel bad about not hating it more.

hot take: hamilton isn’t inherently political, you can consume it as just a fun work of fiction about ego and tragedy

just to clarify when i say "everyone else" i mean other trans people. pardon sometimes i momentarily forget cis people exist

rape, police 

rape, police 

rape, police 

rape, police 

cops and swearing 

someone pointed this out to me and i can't stop thinking about it. the wikipedia page for Pose gives top-billing to three white cis actors who had relatively minor roles

people have tried to fix it but it's Against the Rules™ of wikipedia

Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex, 2014

An Indigenous perspective & provocation intended to intervene in some of the current tensions around solidarity/support work as the current trajectories are counter-liberating.

i am the dad that gives knives to the children

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