oh wow who would've thought that being depressed makes you not wanna write on the internet

theres nothing like having a whole bed for yourself

i have been working for exact 19 minutes and i already want it to be friday

lrss channeled

i feel like i either want to be single forever or i just wanna a girlfriend to kiss and cuddle

i turned 30 yesterday and i am so ready for it being better than my 20s

since i'm gonna spend my bday all by myself i decided that i'll watch attack on titan all day long


i am utterly obsessed with kimetsu no yaiba

ic annot believe i can almost TASTE the vacation aaaaaaaaaa

feeling invisible as always basically nothing new

and then also worked a little on my freelance job, the only thing missing is doing the dishes but that'll be later because now is time for more naruto yay

i am a very proud muffin for cleaning up my apartment, doing laundry and watering the plants. yay for functioning as a mentally healthy human being instead of laying in bed all day staring at the ceiling

@Cowwan omg please!! i saw this at the right time as i am looking to buy a desktop, then saw an 2011 imac and considered for a bit (for work reasons) but then decided to build my own computer bc i want to be able to also play on it but i know nothing about this stuff gahhhhhh

i have a confession to make 

i have a confession to make 

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