sorry everyone, ive failed you. im really enjoying final fantasy xiv

wouldnt it be cool if instead of getting dentures i could have people donate like, one tooth each to me and have an exquisite jaw

daphny channeled

want to feel old? the Triassic period started closer to the Cambrian than to today

i bought final fantasy xiv oops i really like it bye destiny

daphny channeled

videos of guys doing scratchers on youtube is some of the most degenerate gambler content ive ever seen. no dude you arent "in the money" after making $6 of profit on $50 worth of scratchers lmao

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One of my bots ( recently surfaced this beautiful French book published in 1839 on the topic of color perception. "De la loi du contraste simultané des couleurs" by Michel Eugene Chevreul.

You can browse the whole thing at the Internet Archive:

terry died one year ago today, proceeds from hats go towards the national alliance of mental illness and the BBRFoundation

theres a bunch of hats too you dont have to copy me

there's people on a corner with signs i thought they were protesting but theyre really excited about duran duran day

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Knock-off furbies look like they're fully aware of their situation and they're coming to grips with it in completely different ways

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