Rune-enchanted cant

My name is Ariane, I enjoy primarily but I do love a good book. is my favorite season and you will always find me with a cup of in hand and headphones on. I'm an eclectic who worships and .

Also, sun and rising.

I go through phases of being very vocal about the goings on in my life and extremely private.

@d3vilmaycare LOL clearly shouldn’t be communicating this early.

Finally got my insta highlights under control pol

Not only do I work until midnight tonight. I’m working while nauseous and full of rage. FECK.

Battle Ari is up and at ‘em 🤜🤜🤜

So like. In need of a damn good curse for a horribly foul person.

alcohol mention 

Also, love that my discord shares what I'm listening to on Spotify. Let me educate you fools.

all about the new Korn song, "Cold." In case y'all were interested. ALL. ABOUT. IT.

ariane channeled

Please stop shouting at your children in my store. It’s rude and obnoxious.

Two more cups of coffee and I’ll be a human

I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight now. Red Bull got me wide the hell awake and I gotta work at 7:30a.

Mood: grabbing cider and cinnamon rolls for the potluck my store is hosting for the college kids because I’m READY FOR FALL

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