Rune-enchanted cant

Hi, I’m a baby witch. I like cats, crows, gardening, embroidering, sewing, vidya, and a bunch of other stuff. I joined because I’m interested in discussing witchy stuff in a more conversational format than Reddit. I’m shy though.

Stop Shaming People For Not Doing Things You Think Are Easy 2020

The number of pockets on women's clothing is kept down by Big Handbag

Just got an email mentioning a “Covid-19 crowdfund” and thought it said “Corvid-19 crow fund”. smh

I wonder when UX/UI people will ever figure out the incomprehensible "don't move something right when I'm going to click it".

Which terms do you use for a type of animal that you feel a strong affinity with? Here’s all the things I’ve thought of that don’t work.

- my cat is already my familiar
- spirit animal is appropriative
- patronus was created by a terf
- I’m not interested in a fursona
- I don’t feel like I’m otherkin
- I don’t belong to any practices that traditionally have animal affinities

protip: if you have just been born and they're trying to assign you a gender, simply refuse to sign anything and ask for a lawyer.

the only thing I think Nintendo has the right idea about with their online service is that they correctly understand that I don't want to talk to strangers I meet playing video games

in ancient times, bottoms were revered for their wisdom and often sought for their unique areas of expert knowledge. when encountering a difficult problem, people would say “get [thee] to the bottom of the matter”

Inspired by the time I met the AC version of Showbiz Pizza Bear.

Animal Crossing, alcohol mention 

There has to be an easier way to get screenshots from Switch to Mastodon. I’m using my Twitter as an intermediate dumping ground for AC screenshots.

Sometimes the real #Online is the friends we made along the way

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