Rune-enchanted cant

Witchcraft is...

Not a definition but... an approach to witchcraft should be getting committed to infrapolitical (non capitalist) perspectives on the value of life and things (animism) and the relation to the land as a changing and open-eye force with the sense of belonging. Witchcraft as a practice (ritual, divination, responsibility to the land, things and spirits), and a state of being or a becoming.

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Rune-enchanted cant

Witchcraft and philosophy

"The relation with the anomalous is one of alliance."

(Deleze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus. Capitalism and Schizophrenia,)

The alliance with the otherworld...
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What is the Baphomet and what does it mean? History and symbolism of the Baphomet by Eliphas Lévi, the Astral Light, the seeking a "True Religion" or "True Catholicism". A new video from Dr Angela Puca
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Hierbas del sapo (toad's herbs)

This plant grows in the land, a very versatile place where I'd found others from places far away. This one has been recorded from XVI c. and its use has been from prehispanic times against digestive disorders, inflammation and pain in the stomach and intestines, bile, kidney pain, as a diuretic and against snakebite.

Its appearance is quite curious.

A nice felllow.

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Finished my little beholder drawing, definitely one of my favourite drawings in a while ~ might do a mimic next while I'm at it

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My website find of the day is this extensive celtic music archive that's been up since 1997!

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🌕 Extra Super Duper Full Moon

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Video recording of a paper delivered by Dr Angela Puca at the conference of the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism.
Check it out!

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Hej everyone!
I am Salem and I recently switched from Witches.Live to Pagan.Plus because I feel like this instance will fit much better to me and my interests. :blobwizard:

I'm from Germany and my hobbys are Witchcraft (Solitary Witch), VStreaming on Twitch, gaming and arts!

Be blessed and stay wicked! ⛤

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This article provides a biographical overview and analysis of the life and career of Antoine Faivre (1934–2021), the French scholar who first conceptualized esotericism as an academic field of study: The Insider as Outsider
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Art, rocks, Animism.

At the same place (Museo Carrillo-Gil, Mexico) this piece is part of the expo that explores animism, art, the importance of the spirits of the land in San Luis Potosí highlands of the Wirikuta region, place of the wixárika people, called Tsinamekuta.

Made from an inherited chakira technique:

Info of the expo can be found here (Spanish):

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Animism, art, meteorites.

Recently went to see the work of Marcela Armas at Carrillo-Gil Museum (Mexico City). There was this scenario for a mechanical instrument that interprets electromagnetic waves into sound by touching a metallic meteorite while spinning slowly and repetedly. It's called Sideral, in colaboration with other artists.

The sounds remembers Brian Eno's Apolo soundtrack, tho.

The artists pretend to "link with the biological and animistic world of minerals". Of course, that just can be possible in situ.

Photos I took:

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The Sorcerer's Crossing

Finished reading Taisha Abelar's book. Liked very much the perspective on another kind of magic path based on what Castaneda identifies with Yaqui Mexican original techings and practices. Towards something called "liberty" more than personal power for spellcraft and incantations. Some ideas are important, the meditative states for increasing energy by putting away sociocultural constructs over emotions and self-pity unto the impersonal sorcery of the infinite...

Crazy but attractive indeed.

I put on practice some breathing suggested there with good results...

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Started working on my second linocut for my monthly print club thing on patreon :)

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