Rune-enchanted cant

Witchcraft is...

Not a definition but... an approach to witchcraft should be getting committed to infrapolitical (non capitalist) perspectives on the value of life and things (animism) and the relation to the land as a changing and open-eye force with the sense of belonging. Witchcraft as a practice (ritual, divination, responsibility to the land, things and spirits), and a state of being or a becoming.

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Rune-enchanted cant

Witchcraft and philosophy

"The relation with the anomalous is one of alliance."

(Deleze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus. Capitalism and Schizophrenia,)

The alliance with the otherworld...
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Vulcan is the god of fire, volcanoes and blacksmiths. How did the Romans worship him? And what is the Vulcanalia? Find out in this week's episode of Fabulous Folklore! #FabulousFolklorePodcast

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sugarskull channeled

Bone #witchcraft post!

Do you feel humbled, coming across the #bones of a life that's gone by?

Life in the mountains means we have far more opportunity to see #death first-hand, to reach out and be taught by it.
Cities are too fast-paced for me- I do not have enough time to pull the pigeon from the road before the bus ravages its tiny body, nor to take the kitten that sickness claimed before the sanitary workers dispose of it like it was trash. I'm sure others who do #spiritwork thrive just fine there. Just not my style.

I much prefer the forest, because here, death lingers. The song thrush will melt into the earth that fed it, and its feathers may come to be the nest bed of a fresh clutch of eggs. The old fox will go to sleep in her den and wake in a different world, the snow covering her home's entrance until it's warm enough for the critters to nourish themselves on the body she left behind. We see death, sometimes invite it in- be it #hunting or culling livestock. We honour death and the life it brings.

This beautiful lady was a life. An ewe that likely bore several lives herself, before death took her. I have a special place in my heart for sheep. My people have lived alongside them for so long that maybe it's in our blood by now. She wanted to come home with me, to sit near me and the other unseen friends I keep. How could I say no?

I brought her home, meaning to dye her #skull with coffee to help the myriad textures of her bone steal the show with more contrast, but that's another post altogether.

#deathwork crew, this one's for you.

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Does does not federate with ???


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Researching field recordings for my upcoming album today and stumbled upon this great little video:

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"Sometimes when you lose your way in the fog, you end up in a beautiful place! Don’t be afraid of getting lost!"
Mehmet Murat Ildan

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I just noticed the Invoking Witchcraft podcast had ended last month...

Farewell folks. Nice hearing you.

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sugarskull channeled

This ancient goat willow is half-tree, half-octopus!

It may have been broken by a Cumbrian storm, but is still very much alive - and supporting lots of other life too. One of my favourite trees 💚

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I have shot similar cymbidium orchids countless times but this is the only time I photographed one at just the right angle to have a bug like "creature" peek out with paws extended. Did not discover this until I was doing the editing. #Photography #Orchids #Cymbidium #Flowers #BotanicGardens

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Decided to finally write my ✨ first post ✨ on here, in hopes I'll like this place enough to establish myself and share things on here.

Is it just me that's incredibly picky about online spaces? It can be difficult for me to take the plunge and explore a new site or platform, and this goes doubly so for witchy/pagan/spiritual oriented places because after years of being (a queer) Greek online, I know what I'll see, and some times you just do not have the energy to get into arguments because foreigners think they know better than you your own culture. Fun stuff. Anyway. Positive thinking and whatnot. Hopefully the people here are chill!

I miss sharing informative tidbits and exchanging perspectives and methods with fellow practitioners, you know? It's nice to get to see how other cultures, other people do things, especially when you get to draw parallels and point out differences and similarities. There are good people out there, curious and respectful people who are willing to learn without overstepping boundaries and who take correction with grace. That's why I keep coming back to posting, I guess, regardless of platform. I like helping people learn.

What kind of posts you can expect from me: #divination like #cartomancy , including but not limited to #tarot and #oracle decks, #osteomancy , #scrying and #bibliomancy , #herbalism #deathwork #spiritwork #greek #myth #folklore #culture #tradition and #witchcraft oh and #polytheism of course. I'm sure some posts about textiles (knitting, weaving, etc.) will worm their way over as well.

Hopefully this is how the tag system works here, lol.

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ive got complicated feelings about the intersection between politics and witchcraft (and paganism and the occult, bc really these things all exist in the same spaces)

on the one hand, nazi pagans fuck off. like ill suffer any inconvenience to make sure this movement doesnt become a front for fascism. and i want it to stay open to other queer people, neurodivergent people, and people of color, as well as disabled people and other marginalizations i dont experience

but on the other hand, i dont like how people seem to disregard the history of witchcraft when it includes people with bad politics. like wicca is largely responsible for the modern movement. it also has a gender essentialist problem. wicca owes its existence to early occultists, who appropriated from non-white people they often misunderstood.

it leads to a whitewashing of where our movement comes from, and a kind of moral arrogance, as though our religion isnt as ridden with accumulated prejudice as every other religion. or the individualistic version of this lie, that we can somehow avoid the influence of our prejudiced predecessors

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This gorgeous flower is illegal to grow in many places. And bees were lining up during the barely two days it lasted. Nothing that makes bees so excited should be illegal to grow.

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When nature speaks, listen!
The bright yellow foliage caught my attention and then this tree seemed to call out my name! It said, "Debra, don't stand way out there looking, come closer by my trunk and take a look up toward the sky!" So glad I listened to this beautiful, majestic tree!

Under the Yellow Canopy


Find It Here:

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It is #WerewolfWednesday again and I am here to share more fun tidbits about Livonian werewolves.

A Swedish Archbishop in 1555 notes that Livonian werewolves gather in packs around Christmastime, and

"invade beer cellars and drink some barrels of beer or mead, then pile the empty mugs in the middle of the cellar, one on top of another, in which practice they differ from natural and genuine wolves."

Good to know. 😄 🍻 🐺

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My #bookreview is brief/won't spoil, to spread good, great, & spectacular #horror #books far & wide.

OUR SHARE OF NIGHT by M. Enriquez is impressive & horrifying. It's an eerie, looming painting of a dark fable, shaded w/ the bloody paint of histories. It's gory & gothic- impassive yet brutally tragic; an epic that entwines allegory w/ political & occult horror into a spell that entrances.

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