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Yearly reminder to not give money to the Salvation Army. It is not a charity, it's a fundamentalist Christian organization that supports anti-queer policies. Support mutual aid resources instead.

@cosmicvoid I heard something about the way they pay women in their organization too. Or perhaps that they don't pay them at all.

@cosmicvoid I used to work in Social services. One thing I have to say about the Salvation Army - they always did help the most miserable and wretched cases who everyone else had given up on.

Just saying.

@Supertapani @cosmicvoid Sorry, it is incredibly well-documented that they turn away queer people in need of help.

Just saying.

@Supertapani @cosmicvoid Religious organizations have been walking this line for a long time. The state gets to leave people out of main stream support by saying the churches will handle it, the churches organize the unpaid volunteers who are internally motivated to help others, and then expects gratitude and prayer in exchange.

The people who value human life would be helping others with or without church or state involvement. The church doesn't actually generate the goodwill between people.

@Supertapani @cosmicvoid

Yes, that’s what I’ve witnessed. We lack resources for homeless in my community. Salvation Army is one of the few places they have to go & get a bed, meal, shower & laundry. Until there’s more resources, I can’t ignore the needs of the homeless.

@Pinut @Supertapani @cosmicvoid

That may be true in some locations but I haven’t witnessed that where I live. So what do you suggest we do? Stop feeding all the homeless here because there’s no alternative in my area? I’m sorry they’re not the best choice but unfortunately in my town it’s either them or nobody. 🤷‍♀️

@Supertapani @cosmicvoid yes!! I can say a lot to that! I used to work for the salvation army. Management is not the greatest... I still work in the field and the field has a lot of issues itself!

@Supertapani @cosmicvoid Being a former street person, I call bullshit. Anytime I dealt with the Salvation Army, it was all about trying to save me, not help me. Although they did have decent coffee.

@cosmicvoid It’s a church. If one must give money to a church, at least give it to one that doesn’t discriminate.

@cosmicvoid We always donate all of our stuff to a local thrift store that is part of a local women's shelter. The women all get first dibs on the stuff and the rest goes into the thrift store.

@cosmicvoid Here's where I miss QTs. To add to this, in June of this year the salvation army in Dublin, Ireland took housing activists to court after they took over a vacant building, to house homeless people, which is owned by the Salvation Army who claimed it was to be used for Ukrainian refugees and afaik it lies empty to this day. Here's a video on the incident, a bit of a long video at ~20 minutes long: youtube.com/watch?v=rSL453gVHA

@cosmicvoid and while out shopping skip the cheap junk from Hobby Lobby and forgo getting a bite at Chick-fil-A.

@ellisgl @cosmicvoid Never stepped foot into either and never will. My teen knows too.

@cosmicvoid I quit a brass band because they were under the Salvation Army.


I used to audit the budget of one of those "mutual aid resources". Your money would have been better spent as firewood. (My audit was deemed "unhelpful" by the people misdirecting the money.)


There's more than anti-queer.

I am an #Atheist leaning #Pagan and was homeless once for a stretch. They took me in and let me take a hot shower - appreciated - and gave me dry clothes - even more appreciated.

Then, I was led to the chapel and promised some food. Under the condition that I pray to Jesus.

"You're free to refuse and leave, but you're not going to be allowed back in."

I left.

@cosmicvoid@witches. also, if you work for the salvos as a married female pastor, you don't get paid. your husband gets a "stipend" on your behalf.

"...the agreement for compensation is that the officer allowance be paid jointly to the husband—the check is written in his name. Officially, the wife is a “worker without expectation of remuneration,” and her husband receives 40 percent more of an allowance as a married man than he would as a single man."

salvos out here disenfranchising everyone

@cosmicvoid anyone have any good links to help find local mutual aid organizations by location? The big ones around me that I’m aware of are goodwill and miracle hill.

@cosmicvoid Don't tell me who to give money to. The Salvation army supports many who are hungry, cold, homeless etc and do not discriminate. Just because the practice of same sex relationships is not theological valid, does not mean that they are excluded from help and compassion. This is not true. I will be giving to them this year. Thank you. 💕

@Banditqueen12 @cosmicvoid on the one hand I completely support your right to support whoever you wish.

But let's not "explain away" bigotry please. "It's religion" is not an excuse at all let alone a good one. The actions of the Salvation Army have real consequences. Support them for other things, but don't be an apologist to backwards ideology.

@selzero @cosmicvoid Who says it's backwards ideology? That's your opinion. I am not saying you are not entitled to that opinion, but you are not entitled to force that opinion on me or anyone else. Its their religious belief and that's actually the same for most beliefs. Its theology, not bigotry. They still accept that everyone should be treated with respect. Unfortunately, you obviously don't do the same.

@Banditqueen12 @cosmicvoid

Unfortunetly @Banditqueen12 seems to have replied and blocked me, which is a rude thing to do, so I'm replying here:


It's not the same for any belief. There have been around 140,000 gods in history. Even the Christian god you profess to follow does not have the same concept of marriage as the Salvation army.

Any ideology against human love, is backwards, and it is bigoted. Where is the debate?

@Banditqueen12 @cosmicvoid They have literally kicked out people because they were trans or gay. They ARE excluded. They DO discriminate. There are plenty of stories about this. I know it's hard to believe an organization you trust is actually so cruel but they have and will continue to discriminate. It's a hard truth but it is true.

@Banditqueen12 @cosmicvoid Whatever adjective you put in front of it, perhaps you can refrain from referring to Queer relationships as invalid? Thank you.

@Banditqueen12 @cosmicvoid Hi. I’m a religious Protestant Christian from a Presbyterian and Evangelical background. You’re wrong. Cheers!

@cosmicvoid They keep misgendering me in their mailshots and their CCPA DSAR process is broken so I can't get them to stop.

It's incredibly annoying. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a Mr Name Lastname. Kindly fucking stop.

@cosmicvoid I refuse to give to the Salvation Army for that reason, and I find that their bell ringer people are annoying, and just as Christian as the rest of the organization is. As a trans person I once gave to a bell ringer not even thinking, and the bell ringer told me that they didn’t want my <insert trans slur here> money.

@cosmicvoid to the commenter SA apologists, please remember that pointing out the good of something does not negate the bad of said same thing. if anyone, particularly in or around #Louisville #Kentucky, needs any of the resources SA provides, feel free to hit me up. i’ve gotten quite good at identifying “alternative” resources (that is, sans proselytization).

@cosmicvoid I would add, look for charitable organizations in your community. My small town has several, Hearts & Hammers, a one day event where volunteers help homeowners on a one day event make minor & major repairs to help people live safely, & Friends of Friends Medical support that helps people with the kind of medical expenses insurance doesn’t cover (transportation, childcare, etc) Obviously do your homework before donating, but local $ often go farther to help those who need it.

@cosmicvoid I worked for the SA in Australia (did their Christmas fundraising campaign) and while they were conservative they did a huge amount of good work and were/are very well respected in Oz. Might be a USA thing more than a global thing.

@adamhorne @cosmicvoid I’m pretty sure Australia is one of the places they put a lot of money into anti-gay legislation, actually.

@cosmicvoid @RuthRosenholtz you might be thinking of this 10 years ago huffpost.com/entry/andrew-crai which they say they’ve reformed here salvationarmy.org/ihq/nondiscr when it comes to lobbying they don’t have the money in Australia to be that malevolent or impactful.

@adamhorne @cosmicvoid That's quite possibly what I'm thinking of. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, and periodically check to see what they're like now. The last time I did was maybe 5 years ago, and I was disturbed by text on the parent organization's website that said (forget wording) that essentially getting people to become christian was their primary goal. But I have heard that local organizations can vary. I guess the question is does money stay local.

@cosmicvoid Yep. Never ever. Thanks for putting out this reminder.

@cosmicvoid your local food bank will happily receive donations in cash. Does more good than the salvation army.

@cosmicvoid which is another way of saying "I agree" -- just clarifying!

@cosmicvoid I have sworn off donating to and buying from Salvvation Army for about 6 months now, it took a gargantuan effort on my part bc I really shopped there often for great furniture-clothing deals! I hardly know of any thrift store that doesn’t have horrible unethical practices or pockets most of the money by shifting the profits around declaring bogus running costs. But for me SA are one of the top offenders for using practically free labor. Disgusting!

I mean, it is still a charity. Not one I would give to, but they still do charity

@yisraeldov @cosmicvoid @genehack With all respect and understanding to those hurt by the #SalvationArmy in the past, I think is is important to note how far they have come and their support *for* (not just standing by and with matching internal policies) for the Gay Conversion ban here in NZ salvationarmy.org.nz/news/salv and their public apology stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news for the hurt they caused opposing to the 1986 homosexual law reform campaign.



@cosmicvoid I was born in a Maternity home run by the SA to an unmarried teen mother. They facilitated the removal of the babies from the mothers to be put up for adoption.

I was taken from my mother and then put in an orphanage.


@cosmicvoid Is it all hearsay or are there any links pointing to any journalism regarding this out there?

@cosmicvoid I ave my money for other organizations.

“The Salvation Army speaks out of both sides of its mouth,” Meister said. “They’ll deliver services to LGBTQ folks, but on the other side, they are very actively, as a religious organization, opposing marriage rights and a lot of other rights. Transgender issues have been one, particularly, that they have had problems with.”


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