My husband has made it clear that she despises Valentine's and is only in it for cheap chocolate on the 15th, which I find noble, commendable and ngl kinda hot. However, that leaves me without a valentine. Therefore, I would like to formally ask the DMT aliens if they would like to be my collective valentine. I'm a quarter of a century young, I'm flirty, fun, friendly, and I've got 5HT2A receptors in all the right places, wink wink...

@colophonscrawl I was NOT expecting this post to go where it did but I absolutely LOVE it you absolute madman

@red_priest :blobcatheart: *winks in endogenous trace monoamine* 😉 👽 :420: Well howdy there stranger... now don't tell me you're metabolizing that dietary L-tryptophan all by your lonesome on Valentine's, now that'd just be a crying shame!

@colophonscraw LMAO OK SO I was looking for good memes to reply with and I found this fucking Seinfeld shit and LOST IT FFFS

@red_priest "Jerry, hey, listen, I've ahh, I've got this thing, you ahh... *looks around wackily and then leans in* you might wanna try..."
*Jerry rolls his eyes* "Kramer, this isn't going to be like that salvia, is it? You remember the salvia? With the crying and the mucus? At the wedding?" *cue laugh track. Kramer immediately puts his hands up.*
"Okay, OKAY, you got me with the wedding, yeah, but nah, nahhh, Jerry, JERRY, this is the real deal, I've got this Peruvian shaman and he ahh, well you just gotta see it to believe it."
"And Newman was on board with this?"
*Kramer looks vaguely hurt*
"Well not every piece of mail has to go through Newman..."

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