I ask whether you find it more convenient to sort by artist or by subject matter because I am strongly considering consolidating two very large collections of material previously sorted by subject matter, because the artist overlap is so egregious that I think it would be much easier for me to see an artist's full body of work--within the confines of my subject-based taste--if I consolidated them together. However, it will involve renaming thousands of files. While I have a mass-renamer which will work for my purposes, it is slow going at the fastest of times and I'm wondering if this is even a good idea or if I'm basically proposing something awful.

Please tell me I'm not thinking of something so monumentally dumb that it'll turn my poor nearly-decade-old laptop into cottage cheese. This ol' girl has been through so much in her time and bless her heart, she's still running just fine, I don't want this to be what does her in.

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