Rune-enchanted cant

This is Audible. Audio presents "Principia Amazonia, or How I Found Jeff Bezos, and What I Did To Him When I Found Him," by Colophon. Read by @anna .

Rune-enchanted cant

@ElectricAsherah For a while, I ran a lewd caption blog exclusively focusing on queer supremacy and heterophobia. It was much-beloved and I admit, sometimes I miss it quite a bit. We could all use a little bit more straight shaming in our lives.

Rune-enchanted cant

Of course, rules in instances against bad actors are still perfectly fair, and if you ask someone sincerely out of concern regarding something they did say, that's good faith. Where bad faith comes into it is when the situation is deliberately constructed in order to generate damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't double binds.

Be especially concerned if someone asks a vague question that could be very easily construed as another question in an A-then-B-then-C scenario, for example, if answering one question, maybe under the guise of being pro-nuance, would immediately allow them to then imply the answer to a second, more-loaded question pertaining to you.

sorry but shaggy from scooby doo is valid. i know you all disagree and i Do Not Care. cancel me if you want.

Serious post: Loaded questions, Morton's forks, and bolt-from-the-blue spontaneously demanding that others take positions are all related forms of bad faith.

It is or at least can be quite appropriate for you to respond negatively and publicly to a bad thing which is freely and publicly posted by another person. It is another matter for you to take it upon yourself to play the role of purity police and to say "I'm going to inspect your takes. Unpack your privilege, I want to see it."

You have the right to your own voice, and the right to respond to others' voices, but you do not have the right to use their voices as your own under threat of cancellation.

how can i be heterophobic when i have straight friends

gender reveal party everyone wears blindfolds and has to collectively construct ikea furniture with several missing pieces, in the dark whilst I steal from their purses.


I just thought you all should know that so you guys don't get too apolitical.

Not getting the boosts I used to..... Seems like this site is dying

The most interesting moments on Mastodon are invariably followed by the thought "oops, forgot that account is a bot."

The lewdest, most nsfw thing you will ever read Show more

The lewdest, most nsfw thing you will ever read Show more

Magic has a very specific definition and I'm tired of seeing people fail to understand. It's simple! Magic is what happens when you rub on your closed eyes and look at the weird patterns. Anything else is NOT magic!

Sandy: And don't you use when... after you eat, you need anything else, just call.

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