Rune-enchanted cant

This is Audible. Audio presents "Principia Amazonia, or How I Found Jeff Bezos, and What I Did To Him When I Found Him," by Colophon. Read by @anna .

Rune-enchanted cant

@ElectricAsherah For a while, I ran a lewd caption blog exclusively focusing on queer supremacy and heterophobia. It was much-beloved and I admit, sometimes I miss it quite a bit. We could all use a little bit more straight shaming in our lives.

Rune-enchanted cant

Opti & I reuploaded by yours truly back when I went by Frater Colophon:

Saw an elderly gentleman in what I can only call "full vampire hunter" gear out at the grocery store today, with a nun waiting in the driver's seat of his idling car. RIP whichever vampire just got staked 🧛 ⚰️ :blobcry:

in this moment, i am euphoric
not cause of some phoney gods blessing
but cause i'm enlightened by my own intelligence

Fellas, if you don't look like this, sorry, but you aren't an alpha.

My husband just found a video that's an entire rap song about how the rapper is a straight white male and how hard life is for him and I'm fucking cackling

I was near to a Floor Hatch. It pleases me.

— Dodók Cattenotil, bookkeeper

@colophonscrawl right tho??????? As a witch with lots of baph iconography, people co-opting it for "ooo edgy Satan shit" bug me so much

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Idea: Maybe don't put up statues of Baphomet if you have zero idea what Baphomet means historically. It's the religious/legal equivalent of getting a Chinese character that you can't read tattooed on you.

Bonus two-for-one idea: Don't claim lineage from pre-existing groups whose core claims you directly contradict. For example, if you directly contradict both the Randian "social darwinism" and also the explicit (divested from more literalist occult practices as they may be) magical/ritual elements of LaVeyan Satanism, it's probably not a great idea to call yourself an "update" (or anything else) of LaVeyan Satanism.

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Solving the energy crisis by lining up UKIP voters in front of turbines and then telling them about the various small food items that might get their outfits dirty if they move. The resulting torrent of tears should be enough to power a small country for a very long time.

imagine if bees simply ate us. all the problems would be solved

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So close to finishing my multi-day download of a titanic occult library, I think tonight's the night! ✴️ Also huge shame on the person who wrote this encyclopedia of symbols for glossing so poorly over these, but I admit the illustrations are great.

Mastodon.socalists.... grab your eugens
Jorts.horsers.... get your jorts
Cryptids.onliners.... get your hunting gear

@SunSaint knzk.meers... grab your ... oh hold on, its down for maintenance again.

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