Rune-enchanted cant

im a gay mess and theres no saving me from it *dramatic swooning*

Rune-enchanted cant


i'm probably going to log off this account indefinitely because social media is hurting my mental health and doesn't really add anything positive to my life

was nice interacting with yall

i'm probably gonna log back off for a few more days just because i Super Can't With Social Media Right Now

or rather, i had a good break from social media and would like *more* of a break

i made a Very Important Github Issue for Mastodon and i would appreciate your hacker thumbs ups

holy fuck i cant be online right now i'ts killing me i feel like i'm dying on the inside every time i make a post or check my notifications it's like every new post that pops up on the timeline makes me die a little inside even though i care about yall i'm just way too overstimulated and addicted to social media and i need to fucking log off for a few days,


i think i need to log off of my public account for a few days soon. mastodon just makes me feel like trash and hate myself

pol, death 

pol, death 


how long have i been away from my room?

i think since the *12th*, apart from stepping into my room briefly for a few hours on the 22nd while waiting for a train

holy crap

that's a long time and i've just been continuously travelling for 2.5 weeks

not bringing my plushies was a mistake

tho i guess if i'd have brought them the dogs here migth have gotten to them and torn them up which wouldnt be good

what is the rust equivalent of ?

i want to make an iterator that essentially runs rand::gen_range(33, 127) every time; the end result of this being an iterator of random characters

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