Rune-enchanted cant

reminder that
1) i'm not a programmer and
2) programming is not trans culture.

Rune-enchanted cant

im a gay mess and theres no saving me from it *dramatic swooning*

Rune-enchanted cant

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FTR i cannot see if you fav or boost a post of mine, i have that turned off because it was overwhelming me

& yeah i know my Lack Of Goodness In Inkscape is showing here tbh

a lot of this is badly hacked around


that looks NOt Great

because i havent addded in a white backgrund, right

hmmm i should add specific advice for cooking for 1 wherever possible in my recipes section of my blog

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i really love the design of the DPRK's new trams and subways and they're also the first ones completely designed and built within the DPRK!!!

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are you a witch? are you two witches? come cast spells on fucking witches dot live!