ed struggle, but more + than - 

ed struggle, but more + than - 

i know it's just muscle but i still let out a little gasp bc i was a bit spooked

oh my god so i just looked down at my chest and it looks as if it more than doubled in size and it gave me chest dysphoria which i haven't felt in a long time


spent another 2.5hrs at the gym today :’) showed up at 08:00 and left at 10:45. my body is super tired and my muscles were still sore from wednesday lmao but i feel g o o d and i’m excited to build up my muscles again

i spent 2.5 hours in the gym just now, i showed up there at 08:00 and i left around 10:30. my body is gonna kill me tomorrow but BOI it felt good to finally work out again

oh mY GOD the gyms are gonna open on july 1st and i am H Y P E D ! ! ! !

i like singing sometimes when i’m on my own but my vocal cords start to hurt after literally 20 to 30 seconds

it’s a pretty powerful fan for my small room tho lmao

i got my fan today and BOI i’m happy because it’s pretty warm and if i didn’t buy this thing i’d probably spend the majority of the night simmering in my own sweat instead of getting sleep

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