@chillallmen Well, if you think about it, if you eat enough uranium, you die, after which substantial weight loss begins immediately.

@chillallmen I came here to have a good time and I'm feeling so attacked right now.

@chillallmen Hopefully nobody - do you have any idea how many *calories* are in that?!

@chillallmen I'm almost equally upset that all the top results make appropriate use of "a/an" until you get to the last one, which is just "avocado".


*casually stops levitating and pulls baseball cap down over glowing power eye in forehead*

*whistles while attempting to walk calmly towards secret entrance to lair*

@chillallmen Calories are energy. Makes perfect sense. Just like how some places the food labels are in kilo-joules.

@neal ok but what fast food restaurant isnt like, providing that info

@chillallmen What fast food restaurants are serving uranium? If they were, it would be on the nutrition facts, but since they aren't people go to Google for it, explaining why that's first on the list.

@chillallmen You are right, Uranium tastes like cardboard. Only palatable with lots of mustard imho

@chillallmen I suppose it's one way making sure you eat NO fat's or carb;s!!
And after you loose weight, you won't put it back on!!!🀨

@chillallmen i heard that uranium has enough calories to last you over 20 years
@chillallmen oh that'd be me. is an important thing for robots to know, you know

@chillallmen Must be a bad expression there, but I guess its about its nuclear energy.

@chillallmen Real response: It probably started as a meme that's been kept up by the sheer strangeness of seeing it in the auto fill.

Joke response: The Tyranids from 40k eat uranium and BOY HOWDY do they need a lot of calories...

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