me: computer is good, computer can solve problem
me, after trying to get my computer to do sound how i want it to: Fuck Computer, Computer Solves Nothing, Computer Is Scourge On The World

trying to find the correct realtek drivers to put on a usb stick that ill then shove up my fucking ass

Realtek more like Faketek for Fake Assed Bonches Who Use Computer

20 minutes into fixing audio drivers and chill and she gives you this look

"honestly i thought we we're smashing in a different way but i'm ok with this"

i wanted to make a petition to make computer not stinky and guess what?


the change webbed site when i tried to make an account for "make computer not stinky"

honestly the amount of irony in this turned me from raging to laughing real quick

caps ++ 

fixing audio drivers n stuff is truly the worst part of computer, computer is bad

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